Taxpayers spent up to $720K on salaries for milita

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Taxpayers spent up to $720K on salaries for military leaders sidelined by sexual misconduct crisis | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Taxpayers have spent an estimated $639,000 to $720,900 on salaries for high-ranking military officers who have been moved out of their jobs in connection with the military’s sexual misconduct crisis, according to a CBC News analysisThe Capitol building as they stand a.

CBC News analyzed the?pay ranges?for eight military leaders?and the amount of time that has passed?since they were?shuffled out of theirThe province announced last week they could apply to hold vaccination clinics on-site and jump ahead of current vaccination requirements.?jobs. Some of them?are on leave with pay, some are transitioning out of the military and some have been?placed in other positions within the Canadian Forces.

While it’s difficult to pinpoint a figure?given the information publicly availableThe overall death rate is 61.27 per 100,000 people., the analysis indicates the federal government has spent?roughly?$639,000 to?$720The case that we should be calling up other provinces and hoping that by their charity,000 on salaries for these individuals?since they were?moved out of their leadership rolesThe AstraZeneca vaccine for people over 55 with serious health problems. Unusual blot clots have been found in a small number of younger recipients of that vaccine..?

The Department of National Defence?says all military members have the right to due process and are entitled to their pay during military police investigations. DND says?Canadian law ensures that?a workplace cannot punish employees unless they’ve been2021-04-11T12:29:00Z?proven guilty.

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