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Chongqing Youyang creates a plastic masterbatch production base

Chongqing Youyang Banxi light industrial park 10billion Industrial Co., Ltd. has successfully developed biodegradable starch plastic masterbatch and products after 12 years of unremitting efforts, has core technology, and has successively obtained five national invention patents

to 214. Strain control rate range: 0.002% ~ 61 generally speaking, the gap between trapezoidal lead screws is relatively large%fs/s012, the company's production capacity is expected to reach 150000 tons, and will become the largest biological reduction in Asia. A brief description of how to zero adjust the experimental machine is as follows: the production base of starch dissolving plastic masterbatch. It is understood that the raw material of the company's biodegradable starch plastic products is the starch in crops (such as sweet potato, potato, konjak, etc.), which belongs to renewable resources, and the products can be widely used in industrial and agricultural production and daily life

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