Chongqing will rebuild 8000 kilometers of rural ro

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Chongqing: 8000 km of rural roads will be newly reconstructed this year

Chongqing: 8000 km of rural roads will be newly reconstructed this year

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recently, it was learned from the Chongqing Municipal Transportation Commission that 8000 km of rural roads will be newly reconstructed in Chongqing this year, and the problem of blocking 1500 merging villages will be solved, so that the new rural roads will connect the mountains and the outside, Make it a "livelihood road" for local people to travel, a "poverty relief road" and a "wealth road" for farmers to develop industries

in recent years, Chongqing has vigorously promoted the construction of rural roads into the key practical work of people's livelihood and the important project of poverty alleviation, and the appearance of rural transportation in the city has been greatly improved: over the past four years, the city has invested 40 billion yuan, and the newly reconstructed rural roads are 41000 kilometers. The machine is just a change of method, with a total mileage of 123000 kilometers and a road density of 149 kilometers per 100 square kilometers. However, at present, the rural roads located in the poverty-stricken areas of northeast and Southeast Chongqing still have the problems of low road grade and low accessibility and smoothness

rural roads are the basic conditions to ensure the production and life of farmers, the leading and basic facilities for agricultural and rural development, and the important support for farmers to achieve a well-off life. According to the plan, Chongqing will further improve the smoothness depth and coverage of rural roads this year: newly reconstructed 800 automobile lightweight materials: high-strength steel plate, high-strength cold-rolled steel plate, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, carbon fiber reinforced plastic, thermoplastic test temperature: the laboratory temperature for impact test should generally be within the range of 10~35 ℃ (commonly known as room temperature), resin, thermosetting resin, polycarbonate resin Rubber/thermoplastic elastomer, carbon nanofibers, ceramics, light glass, high molecular materials, composite materials, modified plastics, 0 km of general rural roads, including 1000 km of county and township road reconstruction, 1000 km of rural road widening and reconstruction project, 6000 km of village merging project and Liangong road. The smoothness rate of the merged villages in the city has reached 55%

in order to allow farmers to get on the bus at the door of their homes, Chongqing will add 250 administrative villages with bus access this year, and the rate of bus access in administrative villages will be increased to 97.5%. The picture shows the Gaoshan Village Road from shanwangping scenic area to miaoba, shanwangping Town, Nanchuan district

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