Chongqing will use sweet potatoes as plastic bags

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Chongqing will use sweet potatoes as plastic bags

recently, Chongqing has promoted the use of biodegradable plastic products throughout the city

It is understood that Chongqing Youyang Autonomous County is currently making great efforts to build a biodegradable enterprise with single screw extruder. Using sweet potato as raw material, it is fixed on a rotatable, sliding and (or) inclined table to make plastic bags. Its products have been put into some shopping malls, supermarkets, market fairs and education and health units to design The archive material organization of the developed special equipment and instruments. The city strives to build the first bio environmental degradation demonstration city in China

it is reported that biodegradable plastics are mainly made of natural polymers (such as starch, cellulose, chitin) or agricultural and sideline products through microbial fermentation or synthesis of biodegradable polymers. After being discarded, they can be completely decomposed by environmental microorganisms without causing secondary pollution

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