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Chongqing will develop 11 industrial clusters such as instruments and meters during the 12th Five Year Plan. Today, Mu Huaping, director of Chongqing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, interpreted the newly released 12th Five Year Plan for industrial transformation and upgrading of Chongqing, and said that in the 3trillion grand blueprint drawn during the 12th Five Year plan, the scale of the electronic information industry reached trillion, and the world's largest Intelligent Cloud industrial cluster will be built

the total industrial output in 2015 is expected to reach 3trillion Mu Huaping said that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, Chongqing will take the electronic information industry as the leader to improve the speed of industrial transformation and upgrading; Focus on productive services such as high-end R & D and manufacturing and processing trade settlement to increase industrial added value and improve the quality of industrial transformation and upgrading; Take vertical integration as a breakthrough, reduce logistics costs and improve the benefits of industrial transformation and upgrading; Take the integration of industrialization and industrialization as the starting point to transform traditional industries and improve the efficiency of industrial transformation and upgrading

through the above transformation path, by 2015, the cumulative industrial investment will be 1.5 trillion yuan, and the industrial sales output value will be 250 billion yuan, striving to reach 300 billion yuan

during the 12th Five Year Plan, Chongqing's electronic information industry will exceed trillion yuan. Mu Huaping revealed that according to the plan, by 2015, Chongqing's electronic information industry will invest 300billion yuan in total, realize sales revenue of more than trillion yuan, become an important pillar industry, and build a national electronic information industry base, the world's largest notebook computer production base, and Asia's largest offshore cloud computing center

at present, the city is striving to promote the "cloud plan" to build a 200million electronic terminal industry base and a cloud computing center with millions of servers. "Gathering 10000 servers is the ultimate goal!" He said that for this reason, communication operators such as China Mobile and China Unicom, multinational giants, Alibaba, Tencent and other Internet tycoons are all targets that Chongqing is committed to introducing

it is reported that Tencent has planned to build a cloud computing center in Chongqing, with a total of 300000 servers, which may be located in Liangjiang New Area

Chongqing will develop 11 equipment industry clusters. According to the plan, Chongqing's traditional manufacturing industry will also move from simple manufacturing to improving (5) real-time recording of friction time and load time experimental curves. High industry competitiveness, manufacturing and creation will be developed at the same time, especially high-end equipment manufacturing industries such as CNC machine tools

Mu Huaping introduced that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Chongqing will not only consolidate the advantages of the automobile and motorcycle industry, so that the automobile production capacity will reach 3.2 million, the proportion of passenger cars will increase to more than 80%, and the motorcycle production capacity will reach 12million, but also focus on the development of 11 equipment industry clusters, such as CNC machine tools, intelligent wind power equipment, rail transit equipment, energy saving and environmental protection equipment, intelligent precision instruments and meters, and intelligent electrical equipment

in five years, Chongqing plans to add 25 new listed companies. Mu Huaping said that in five years, semi-metallic brake pads will also produce more dust and noise. Chongqing plans to add 25 new listed companies, introduce more than 30 world top 500 enterprises, and add more than 1.5 million jobs. In terms of industrial opening to the outside world, the utilized foreign capital totaled 20billion US dollars, accounting for 40% of the utilized foreign capital in the city and 9% of the industrial investment; Foreign investment of more than 12billion US dollars; The total value of industrial imports and exports is US $100billion, with an average annual growth of more than 50%; There are 25 new listed companies in the industry and more than 30 newly introduced world top 500 enterprises

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