Chongqing Yongchuan has initially built a high-end

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Chongqing Yongchuan has initially built a high-end CNC machine tool industry base.

machine tools are modern universal experimental machines. The servo valve is stuck. "The combination of advanced multi card technology will cause the flow to fluctuate, which is the basis of manufacturing, and is regarded as the" mother of industry ". High end CNC machine tools are the strategic "fulcrum" of high-end manufacturing industry

however, it is an indisputable fact that products from Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Italy and other countries have always accounted for more than 90% of the market share of China's high-end CNC machine tool market

in Yongchuan District, Chongqing winoco Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as winoco), an enterprise that develops and produces high-end CNC machine tools, is quietly changing the cognition of manufacturing enterprises on domestic high-end CNC machine tools

in late October this year, five auto parts processing enterprises from Anhui, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Zhejiang and Shandong sent people to visit Winock and placed orders immediately

in the whole October, winoco received 40 new orders for CNC machine tools, with a total amount of more than 15 million yuan

before that, winoco CNC machine tools successfully entered overseas markets such as Italy, a powerful country in CNC machine tools

according to the data, winoco is the first CNC machine tool enterprise introduced from Yongchuan District, with a rapid development momentum in the past two years. Behind its rapid growth, Yongchuan has made a leap from developing the CNC machine tool industry from scratch to initially forming a high-end CNC machine tool industry base

facing difficulties and taking the road of independent innovation

winoc takes the road of independent research and development of high-end CNC machine tools

"for us, this is the most difficult way!" Song Guoan, vice chairman of winoc, recalled

over the years, due to the lack of core technology in domestic enterprises, domestic products of high-end CNC machine tools are inferior to imported products in terms of service life, stability and accuracy. According to the research data of the prospective industry research institute, by 2017, the localization rate of China's medium and low-end CNC machine tools had reached 80%, but the localization rate of high-end CNC machine tools was only about 6%

originally, winoco had the opportunity to make joint ventures with well-known CNC machine tool enterprises in Italy or Taiwan with strong technical strength to make high-end CNC machine tools and easily "go to the battle". However, weinock believes that only by taking the road of independent research and development can we truly own our own brand and go further

after detailed market research, winoco decided to customize CNC machine tools and intelligent production line solutions based on CNC machine tools for manufacturing enterprises through the customization method rarely adopted by peers. In this way, it can not only form dislocation development with most peers, but also increase the added value of products

at the same time, several technical backbones were recruited from several large machine tool enterprises with poor operation, and a research and development team was established, which laid a solid foundation for doing a good job in research and development

in the R & D process, in addition to making the company's R & D team the main force, winoc also worked with experts from German R & D institutions and domestic universities such as Chongqing University and Xi'an Jiaotong University to solve the technical problems of some projects with collaborative innovation mode

in response to the troubles of non supporting enterprises, winok and Yongchuan District have joined hands to introduce dozens of supporting enterprises processing sheet metal, castings and other parts through the "business investment promotion" (the government provides policies and services, and leading enterprises attract supporting enterprises)

obtained more than 30 invention patents

thanks to the collaborative research and development mode that the movement direction of the 10 prefix is opposite to that in the tensile experiment, winoc has successively developed a number of CNC machine tools in recent years and obtained more than 30 invention patents

in terms of key indicators such as stability, accuracy and service life, these products have generally reached the international advanced level

for example, the intelligent production line of double Y-axis engine cylinder head (body), the first intelligent manufacturing production line independently developed and designed in China in 2016, has achieved the perfect combination of continuous production, intelligence, flexibility and robot for the first time in the industry, which can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs for domestic automobile manufacturers

compared with the foreign advanced intelligent production line of engine cylinder head (body), its biggest advantage is that it can realize continuous production without shutdown, which makes it improve the production efficiency by 20% compared with similar production lines

the automotive hub robot on duty (unmanned) intelligent production line developed in 2017 is built according to the standards of similar production lines in Germany, and the continuous trouble free working time is about 1700 hours, close to the international highest level of 2000 hours. A single production line can replace 3 to 4 workers, which can help auto parts manufacturers greatly improve the overall efficiency of product processing

according to the test, compared with the traditional automobile hub production line with manual duty and single machine tool processing, its comprehensive processing efficiency can be increased by more than 20%. At the same time, due to the intelligent detection and identification system in the processing process, the qualified rate of product processing can almost reach 100%. However, the price of this kind of production line is not high - the cost of a single production line is only about 3million yuan, less than half of that of similar imported production lines

Chongqing saw in the weinock production workshop that the production line is composed of a robot, three exchange worktables, moving column vertical heaters (machine tools) and a set of truss automatic silos. During its operation, under the watch and operation of the robot, all processing procedures such as sending the automotive hub blank parts from the upper silo to the machine tool, processing the blank parts by the machine tool and sending the finished parts to the lower silo are completely unmanned

open the door to overseas markets

the problems of R & D and supporting have been solved, but product sales have become the most difficult bone to bite

at first, wernock developed CNC machine tools for machining lock cylinders. However, after the first product was successfully developed, it could not open the market for a long time

later, when wernock and other activities were held at the same time, such as heavyweight summits, policy and regulation lectures, new technology and new product launches, procurement and supply docking conferences, it adjusted its positioning and turned to the research and development of CNC machine tools for processing auto parts, but the sales situation is still not optimistic

in this case, wernock, which has continuously invested more than 10 million yuan in R & D funds, began to run short of funds

enterprises are working hard, and Yongchuan District is not idle

in the past two years, in order to build an intelligent manufacturing equipment industrial cluster led by high-end CNC machine tools, Yongchuan District has supported the development of intelligent equipment enterprises by establishing seed funds to provide interest free loans to start-up scientific and technological enterprises, and the government has provided guarantees for enterprise loans and other scientific and technological financial policies and services

at the same time, by holding exhibitions such as the supply and demand matchmaking meeting of intelligent manufacturing equipment such as high-end CNC machine tools, a platform for local intelligent equipment enterprises to display and promote products is also built

winoc benefits from this. For example, in terms of funds alone, the company has received 20million yuan of government guaranteed loans and interest free loans from seed funds, totaling about 2million yuan in recent years

with the joint efforts of government and enterprises, winoco gradually eased the financial difficulties, opened up product sales and entered a period of rapid development. At present, its CNC machine tools have already gone out of Chongqing and are exported to Sichuan, Anhui, Hubei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places

in late May this year, 20 sets of numerical control machine tools from winoc were sent from Yongchuan to Vietnam, marking the prelude to the export of "made in Yongchuan" numerical control machine tools overseas. In recent months, the company has received dozens of orders for CNC machine tools from overseas enterprises such as India and Italy

according to statistics, in 2017, the company's sales revenue reached more than 60 million yuan; This year, in the first 10 months alone, this figure has reached nearly 100 million yuan. "It is expected that the operating revenue of the company will double that of 2017 for the whole year." Talking about the rapid development of the company in recent years, Ren Zhihua, chairman of winoc, said with deep feeling that this is thanks to the strong support from the central and local governments for the development of private economy and intelligent industry, which gives private intelligent equipment enterprises greater impetus and development opportunities

in the whole Yongchuan, the CNC machine tool industry shows a trend of vigorous development. According to the relevant person in charge of Yongchuan District, at present, the district has introduced nearly 30 enterprises of CNC machine tools, and 2 CNC system and public technology R & D and testing platforms, and preliminarily built a high-end CNC machine tool industry base integrating the functions of complete machine, key parts, CNC system, public testing, etc

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