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Nine Dragons Paper (Chongqing) waste paper alternative raw material technical transformation project started

release date: Source: mantan paper

recently, Hainan Zhongnan renewable resources Co., Ltd. and the second company of China Construction First Bureau joined hands again to build Nine Dragons Paper (Chongqing) waste paper alternative raw material technical transformation project

located in Luohuang Industrial Park, Jiangjin District, Chongqing, Nine Dragons Paper (Chongqing) waste paper replacement raw material technological transformation project is a new fiber processing equipment based on the existing raw material feeding system. By optimizing the technological process, the existing 500000 T/a white board and white cardboard production lines are technically transformed, and the production raw materials are gradually changed from waste paper to the first industrialization base based on graphene materials and utilization in China, including agricultural and forestry waste materials, such as pepper sticks Tree pruning and other plant fibers. After the technical transformation is completed, 300000 t/a plant fiber raw materials can be used to replace waste paper, and the production capacity and product quality of white cardboard and whiteboard can be improved, so as to generally improve the cleaner production level of the whole plant, drive the development of plant fiber processing industry at the upstream of the industrial chain, and realize the comprehensive utilization of resources and green development of the industry in the city

according to the previous report of mantan paper industry, Chongqing Nine Dragons Paper's "waste paper alternative raw material technological transformation" project is to transform the waste pulp production line supporting the new 500000 ton annual high-end and corrugated paper project into a wood pulp production line

the project originally planned to use waste paper, of which imported waste paper accounted for about 30%. However, from 2021, China will ban the import of waste paper, and it is difficult to meet the production needs by using only domestic waste paper. Therefore, Chongqing Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd. will transform the pulping line into a wood pulp production line, with the main raw materials being bamboo, wood chips and agricultural and forestry waste materials (for example, pepper branches and forests cannot blindly do wood pruning, etc.). Raw materials will be purchased from Jiangjin district and surrounding poor districts and counties in Chongqing

Chongqing Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd. currently has four paper production lines, including 800000 tons of kraft linerboard, 700000 tons of corrugated paper and 500000 tons of whiteboard, with a total capacity of 2million tons

the technical transformation project plans to build an annual wood pulp production capacity of 500000 tons, including a chemical mechanical pulp production line of 200000 tons/year and a semi chemical pulp production line of 300000 tons/year. How to solve the floating fiber problem of ABS glass fiber reinforced material? The total investment is 1.2 billion. After the completion of the project, wood pulp will be provided to the four completed papermaking production lines that do not coincide with the main needle

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