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Behind the sometimes dim and sometimes dazzling lights, there is no lack of this "hero"

the same lights have different effects on the human body. For example, when you are working, bright lights can make you more energetic; When you want to watch a movie at home on a leisurely weekend evening, of course, the dim lights can make you more involved in the plot; For another example, in high-end hotels and restaurants, different time periods, different spaces, and different lighting atmospheres will make guests feel more comfortable and comfortable; Nowadays, with the emergence of personalized needs and technological innovation, lamps with dimming function have been quite common, so as to create different lighting effects for users. And in this, due to the "hero" behind the CPU of the computer, of course, there is no lack of dimming power supply

next, let's explore how the reduction of optical power affects and changes our lives

in this issue, we have the honor to interview several electronic engineers from brand enterprises with certain strength in the field of dimming power supply in China, including Wei Jianping (hereinafter referred to as "ouchesi Weigong") from Shanghai ouchesi Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd., Zhao Xianyun (hereinafter referred to as "Shengchang Zhaogong") from Zhuhai Shengchang Electronics Co., Ltd. and Liu Shuya (hereinafter referred to as "newx Liugong") from Suzhou newx Lighting Co., Ltd, Talk about "those things" about dimming power supply together


Hello, engineers, the product we are discussing today is dimming power supply. As the saying goes, behind every successful man, there is a woman. In fact, I think it can also be said that behind every dazzling LED light, there is no lack of power support. As a hero hidden behind the light, power supply is often inconspicuous, but its role is very critical

the emergence of dimming power supply is a very important link in the development process of power supply, which realizes the control and change of light. So, what is the working principle of dimming power supply? What is the biggest difference between it and ordinary power supply

Shengchang Zhaogong:

the dimming power supply adjusts the light brightness by changing the output voltage and current of the power supply through the dimming signal input to the power supply

ordinary power supply and dimming power supply will expand the power of the president through constitutional amendment; And I hope to serve two presidents for a total of 10 years. The biggest difference is that ordinary power supply only has switching function, and dimming power supply can adjust the brightness and color of light according to human eye comfort, environment or scene needs

newx Liugong:

the dimming power supply adds a dimming control module inside the power supply, and controls the power supply through an external signal source. Note that when carrying out the heating experiment, ensure that the temperature of the slider is room temperature, and change the illumination and color temperature of the light source

the biggest difference between it and ordinary power supply is controllable. The conventional power supply has only two working states, start/close, and the dimming power supply adds a variety of working states according to its dimming mode, so that a light source can meet more lighting needs

oches hazardous workers:

the working principle of dimming is to control the current, voltage and frequency of the LED. The user of the spring fatigue testing machine can only accurately master the working environment of the testing machine and the output of the normal protection size to achieve the LED dimming function. The biggest difference between dimming power supply and ordinary power supply is that it can adjust the brightness or color temperature of LED

the dimming power supply adopts high efficiency, low consumption and stable PWM control chip, which is more energy-saving and environmental friendly than ordinary power supply


although dimming power supply has been widely used in lighting projects such as stores, bars, hotels, squares, etc., it is difficult for us to detect that the dim and sometimes dazzling lights are controlled by dimming power supply in our daily life. Generally speaking, what kind of scene is dimming power often used in

newx Liugong:

the application of dimming power supply mainly includes three aspects:

1 Indoor, general exhibition halls, hotels, clubs and other scene lighting places. Now some families have also begun to install this product for lighting different scene atmospheres. For example, adjust different color temperatures according to different seasons. For example, adjust the warm color temperature in winter to give people a warm and soft feeling, and adjust the cold color temperature in summer to give people a refreshing feeling

2. Outdoor, street lamps, landscape lighting, etc. The main purpose of street lamp dimming power supply is to achieve energy-saving effect, realize on-demand lighting under the condition of meeting functional requirements, and realize energy saving to the greatest extent. At the same time, adjust the illuminance of the light source according to different periods to meet the requirements of different periods and reduce light pollution

3. Landscape lighting and dimming power supply have both energy conservation and scene needs. For example, the demand for landscape lighting on holidays and weekdays is certainly different. At this time, it is necessary to adjust and control the dimming power supply

Shengchang Zhaogong:

dimming power supply has a wide range of application scenarios, including indoor and outdoor

for example, in the lighting projects of Beijing Yanqi Lake APEC venue, Shanghai International Conference Center (CICA summit banquet hall), Sheraton Shanghai Jiading Hotel, Changsha Wanda Plaza, W hotel on the Bund, etc. participated by Shengchang, the role of dimming power supply is to achieve the effect of realizing a variety of lighting atmospheres in different spaces and at different times, and cooperate with the lighting control system, It can automatically adjust the light brightness in various periods of time

part 3


at present, what are the common types of optical power supply in the market? Which type of dimming power supply is the most popular

Shengchang Zhaogong:

v dimming, thyristor dimming, Dali dimming, DMX dimming, etc. are the most widely used in the market at present

at present, the most popular should be V and SCR dimming. V dimming, wide application range, low cost, strong compatibility; Thyristor dimming can transform lighting without dimming function into lighting with dimming function without changing traditional wiring

newx Liugong:

it is generally divided into silicon controlled dimming, V dimming, Dali, DMX512, PWM, built-in timing dimming, etc

in the field of street lamps, the dimming power supply with integrated V dimming, PWM, built-in timing dimming and three in one interfaces is currently more popular, which can basically meet the dimming needs of road lighting

part 4


what brands of dimming power supply do you think are generally recognized in the market? What are their advantages

auches hazardous Engineering:

Philips, OSRAM, Luchuang...

the advantages of these brands lie in the long-term offline sales channels and customers' awareness of the brand

newx Liugong:

philips, OSRAM, Luchuang and other foreign brands have the advantage of high brand awareness, and their long-term offline sales channels are relatively complete and mature; Domestic brands such as Mingwei and maoshuo have a certain brand popularity and recognition due to the precipitation of time. However, Ochs' dimming system has certain advantages in dimming performance and compatibility, and can be seamlessly matched with all mainstream control systems in the market

Shengchang Zhaogong:

Mingwei and maoshuo are leading enterprises in LED power supply in China, but they are not specialized in dimming power supply. Foreign brands such as ruigao, Luchuang, Siemens and OSRAM have the advantage of complete upstream and downstream products and are relatively professional; For ourselves, Shengchang is one of the first enterprises in China to focus on the R & D and promotion of dimming power supply. After years of precipitation and accumulation, it has its own unique advantages in the field of LED dimming power supply

Part 5


What do you think is the future development trend of dimming power supply? What changes will it bring to the lighting field and even the working and living environment of human beings

Shengchang Zhaogong:

I think the development trend of dimming power supply in the future is smaller, more efficient, more intelligent and more powerful, which will create a more convenient, comfortable, comfortable and environmental friendly living environment for people

oches hazardous workers:

I personally believe that the development trend of dimming power supply in the future will be intelligent and multifunctional. For example, in the future, in addition to lighting, the light emitted by LEDs can also be used for signal transmission (such as replacing WiFi), purifying PM2.5 in the air and other functions, so it is not limited to lighting

Liu Gong of newx:

at present, a huge trend in the lighting field is intelligence. In the future, lighting equipment should have certain intelligent functions. How to achieve this? I think the first thing to be solved in order to realize intellectualization of lighting equipment is to realize controllability. On the basis of controllability, we can talk about intellectualization. At present, the only way to realize controllable lighting is power supply

therefore, dimming power supply is the development direction of power supply in the future. There is no doubt that all power supplies in the future should be dimming power supply. Having dimming function will not be an option for power supply, but a must. How to better realize control is a problem that all power supply manufacturers and control manufacturers should consider. On the basis of realizing the function, we should take into account the cost, effect, technology development trend, etc. At present, various control technologies (zigbeeplczhaga standards, etc.) are also being updated and improved, and the country is also starting the formulation of relevant control interface standards

even at present, some Internet companies have begun to study the interconnection between lighting and other devices and networks, and have begun to deepen their layout in the field of home intelligence

in the context of the general trend of intelligence, dimming power supply will play a more important role in the future lighting industry chain

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