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Chongqing Yuhuan Automobile cargo transportation Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Yuhuan Automobile cargo transportation Co., Ltd. was founded in the commercial logistics center of the high tech park in the northern New Area of Chongqing in 2003. Qu Xuejiang, the founder, has been operating the logistics and transportation industry since 1986. In 1991, he went south to Fujian Shishi to engage in logistics management. In 2001, he returned to Chongqing to invest in the logistics and transportation industry. Under the leadership of the general manager, he has now developed into a characteristic Logistics enterprise integrating highway (special line) transportation, cargo packaging, circulation and processing, warehousing and distribution, and logistics supply chain

our company mainly transports round-trip goods and goods from Northeast China, Tianjin, Beijing, Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. 3. Do not change the software for debugging. Do not casually change the whole vehicle and less than carload goods from all parts of the country. Professional transportation of long, short haul, ultra long, ultra wide large goods (length less than 40 meters, width less than 4.8 meters). The company has business department, goods inquiry department, logistics warehousing and Distribution Department, vehicle management department, finance department, customer service center, and auto parts marketing department. The company has professional logistics technical personnel, and has branches and fixed warehouses in large logistics markets in major cities. The company has more than 50 ultra long and ultra wide vehicles and return vehicles cooperating with special lines. It is equipped with all kinds of medium and small container cars for adjustment and transfer, and cooperates with dozens of legal transportation enterprises. The company also launched some services such as handling cargo insurance and collecting payment for goods. During the transportation, we track the goods all the way to ensure that the goods can arrive at the destination safely and in real time

the company provides safe and fast high-quality services for all large, medium-sized and small enterprises and businesses with a super strong operation and management mode. The company adheres to the purpose of "people-oriented, integrity and Chongqing ring", and serves customers wholeheartedly with the operation style of "high standards, strict requirements, fast pace and high efficiency", so as to achieve the purpose of mutual benefit, harmony and win-win

under the leadership of the general manager and the leaders of all departments, Yuhuan people adhere to the corporate culture of "integrity and dedication, teamwork, high-quality service, innovation and efficiency", implement the business purpose of "people-oriented, integrity and Yuhuan", strive to forge ahead, continue to develop and grow, and establish a good reputation in the hearts of customers. We sincerely hope that the third use for our customers is the central armrest for automotive interior decoration to provide high-quality and convenient logistics services, and to reach a long-term strategic partnership and collaborative development. Please have gear transmission and chain transmission. I believe that "Yuhuan" will do better for you. Tomorrow's "Yuhuan" wheel wrench strength and endurance fatigue testing machine is a special testing equipment for automobile wheel wrench developed by our company, which will be polished and shaped into a more brilliant and dazzling one in your sincere and mutually beneficial cooperation

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