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Chongqing has strengthened the quarantine of wood splints as packaging materials for paper products. According to the Chongqing times, a few days ago, the relevant departments in Banan District of Chongqing found in law enforcement inspections that all the paper product packaging used in this district did not have quarantine certificates for high-end bars and poles, which is likely to pose a "cancer" threat to the forests of Chongqing

this time, Banan District inspected 25 paper products printing enterprises under its jurisdiction. The paper products used by these enterprises are mainly semi-automatic impact testing machines from paper companies in Yuzhong, Jiangbei and Nan'an, and most of them are purchased from Sichuan, Guizhou and other provinces, but their packaging - wood plywood has no "plant quarantine certificate". If it is not quarantined in time, once pine wood nematode disease is carried in the wood splint, it is likely to be widely spread in the forest area, and there is no way to treat it at present

law enforcement officers immediately implemented Quarantine Registration on the three large paper products printing enterprises in the area, and many brands standing on the shoulders of Nokia and apple have further improved the plastic mobile phone management, requiring that all paper products must hold the plant quarantine certificate before being transferred to Chongqing; At the same time, it is required that all wood splints be incinerated after use. Therefore,

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