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Chongqing UHV scientific and technological innovation has reached a new level

the QC team of the chemical instrument team of the substation maintenance center of Chongqing UHV Bureau won the first prize at the 2010 Chongqing Association for quality control QC achievement press conference, which marks that the scientific and technological innovation of Chongqing UHV Bureau has reached a new level, and Chongqing Electric Power won the first prize of such scientific and technological achievements for the first time in three years

under the guidance of the strategic development goal of building Chongqing Electric Power Bureau 1 and building a national first-class UHV enterprise, Chongqing UHV Bureau adheres to the coordination of safe production and innovative development, constantly optimizes the innovation environment, and cultivates innovative talents, which has injected strong impetus into building a national first-class UHV enterprise

invigorating enterprises with science and technology creates a strong atmosphere everywhere

innovation is not a phased process, but an eternal theme of the scientific development of enterprises. This is the development concept that the leadership of the Bureau always keeps in mind. To this end, following the development pace of building a strong smart electricity, and guided by the goal of building a brand and two Highlands, the Party committee of the UHV Bureau, guided by the scientific concept of development, has put forward the enterprise development purpose of technology leading and talent strengthening the Bureau, revised and improved a series of systems such as the management method and implementation rules of scientific and technological innovation, and truly institutionalized, normalized and fully staffed scientific and technological innovation, It has created a strong innovation culture atmosphere in the overall situation

scientific and technological innovation is not only a strong guarantee for enterprise safety production, but also a strong force for the continuous development of enterprises and employees. The overall situation continues to expand the development platform for the majority of employees, and the good atmosphere of team exchange, learning abroad, innovation and contribution is overflowing in the overall situation. In the past year, the overall technological innovation work has been significantly strengthened, with 18 patents applied in 2009 and 7 patents applied in 2010

people-oriented, overall employee innovation competition

focus on the sparks of everyone, and you can illuminate the whole enterprise. In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees for innovation, in 2009, the UHV bureau established a special fund for innovative enterprise construction for the first time, including the self-control technology project fund and the mass innovation fund, which subsidized and stimulated innovative activities of individuals or teams at different levels, batches and priorities. Employees' enthusiasm for innovation was high, and at least one mass innovation activity was carried out in 27 teams and groups

in order to promote the formation of an atmosphere for mass innovation activities, the 2009 QC results conference of UHV Bureau was held, which provided a good talent display platform for young employees in the overall situation and achieved good results. The DC team and relay protection team QC team of the substation maintenance center won the honorary titles of 2008 national excellent quality management team JGJ 81 ⑵ 002 and 2009 national excellent quality management team respectively

in 2010, we will strengthen research, study and technical training, and strive to build relay protection, automation, high voltage test, substation operation and line specialty into a national first-class professional technical team with solid basic skills, strong innovation ability, high professional level and outstanding work performance through innovative practice and labor competitions at all levels, so as to better serve the safe and stable operation of ultra-high voltage power

independent innovation technology projects have achieved great results

under the principle of application first and development combined, the UHV Bureau actively carries out the promotion and application of new technologies, academic exchanges and scientific and technological cooperation, tracks and aims at the development trend of domestic and world power technology, and actively carries out relevant technology research or application

innovation flowers bloom in spring, and technological innovation achievements bloom and bear fruit one after another. Since 2008, the UHV Bureau has actively promoted the promotion and application of new technologies and processes such as DC monitoring system and image monitoring device of high boom truck operation platform. Up to now, five substations have successively adopted DC monitoring systems. Through the DC monitoring system, we can know the relevant situation of the substation nearby, so our inspection cycle is extended from 3 months to 6 months, which saves both manpower and material resources. Said Chen Yan, the DC shift leader of the substation inspection center

practice benefits from theory. Facing new theory and practice, theoretical innovation is more needed. In the continuous exploration, the UHV Bureau has also made fruitful achievements in scientific and technological theory. Only in 2009, he published 18 scientific papers and was selected into 3 core journals. The scientific papers, the active integrated safety system of power enterprises, won the third prize of the 10th Youth Academic excellent paper of the China Society of electrical engineering in 2008, and the super The research on the three-dimensional visual monitoring and management of UHV transmission line corridor won the second prize of excellent paper at the academic annual meeting of the Chinese society of electrical engineering, the research on the three-dimensional visual management system of UHV transmission line won the second prize of the company's 2009 scientific and technological progress, the research on the automatic detection device for strand breakage and damage of high-voltage transmission line conductors, and the research on the transmission wide area traveling wave ranging system won the third prize of the company's 2009 scientific and technological progress

since its establishment, the UHV Bureau has always insisted on putting scientific and technological innovation in the first place in the journey of building an innovative enterprise. The overall scientific and technological innovation can be appropriately replaced with oil to achieve a new take-off. At present, in the wave of second entrepreneurship, the UHV Bureau will gather a strong joint force of scientific and technological innovation, equip the wings of science and technology for the take-off of enterprises, and make efforts for the construction of innovative enterprises to reach a new height and achieve new leaps

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