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Impact on traditional industries the plastic industry shows six development trends

in recent years, the increasing shortage of oil resources has led to soaring prices of plastic raw materials. In particular, with the sustainable development strategy deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the problem of solving the coordinated development of plastic materials and environmental protection has become increasingly prominent

in order to reduce the cost of plastic products, improve and improve the performance of some aspects of plastic materials, and develop environment-friendly plastic materials, as a new chemical engineering discipline, the research and application of plastic modification technology have attracted more and more attention. Today, when the conditions for the industrialization of fully degradable plastics are not mature, we should continue to speed up the research on environmentally friendly modified plastics in order to reduce the double pressure of rising raw material costs and environmental protection on the plastic industry. Developing the modified plastic industry has become the only choice for China's plastic industry

plastic modification, in a general sense, is a method of adding appropriate modifiers to the modified plastic materials (synthetic resins) and adopting a certain processing and molding process to produce new plastic materials and products with novel structural characteristics that can meet the applicable performance requirements

therefore, modified plastics have become a plastic industry field with wide coverage, high scientific and technological content and great economic benefits. At present, the scientific and industrial circles all over the world have realized the importance of the coordinated development of plastic materials and the environment, and are committed to developing good cost-effective plastic materials, improving their service life, minimizing the use of plastic, making full use of the plasticity of plastic, recycling and comprehensive utilization of waste plastic materials, and reducing the pressure of plastic materials on the environment

after several years of development, China's plastic modification technology has made significant progress, and the plastic modification technology characterized by filling, blending and reinforcing modification has gone deep into the raw materials and molding processing process of almost all plastic products, impacting the traditional plastic industry and greatly promoting the development of machinery manufacturing industry, additives industry and non-metallic mining industry

the data shows that the development prospect of China's modified plastic industry, namely HRA, HRB and HRC, is very broad. ABS is the most important "quasi engineering plastic", and China has become the country with the largest consumption of ABS in the world. In addition, modified PP has become the most active product. The continuous introduction of new grades of PP reinforcement and high impact resistance makes it possible to replace engineering plastics in some fields. Glass fiber and mineral reinforced PP have been used in auto parts, and have a great impact on the PC blend market. Modified PP is also entering the traditional PA field, such as pump body and fan blade. At present, 90% of glass fiber reinforced PP in the world is used in cars. The development of modification technology also makes many brands of PVC used to replace engineering plastics. The most significant developments include the use of blends and alloys to improve thermal deformation temperature and impact strength. SPS is syndiotactic polystyrene obtained by metal catalysis. It is a crystalline polymer with excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance. If it is necessary to replace the gasket, it has good mechanical properties and excellent following functions: humidity resistance, electrical properties, etc

today, with the continuous development and maturity of modification equipment and modification technology, China's modified plastic industry system is gradually improved. Professor Zhang Yong, a domestic modified plastics research expert and doctoral supervisor of South China University of technology, pointed out in a previous research report that the development of China's modified plastics industry presents six significant characteristics

first, general plastic engineering. Although the number of new products of engineering plastics continues to increase, the cost is gradually reduced due to the expansion of production devices. However, with the development of modification equipment and the progress of modification technology, the general thermoplastic resin continues to have engineering characteristics through modification, and has occupied part of the application market of traditional engineering plastics. Second, high performance engineering plastics. With the vigorous development of domestic automotive, electrical, electronic, communication and machinery industries, the demand for modified engineering plastics will rise sharply, and all kinds of high-strength and heat-resistant engineering plastics will be widely used. Third, low cost of special engineering plastics. High performance engineering plastics such as polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), polyimide (PIM), polyether ether ketone (PEEK), polysulfone (PSF), etc. due to the electrical sling tension tester, it is a special testing equipment manufactured by our company Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. for the tension test of synthetic fiber sling, which has the characteristics of good performance, high temperature resistance and dimensional stability. Some also have good flame retardancy, radiation resistance Chemical resistance and mechanical properties, so it has more and more important applications in electronic appliances, automobiles, instruments, household appliances, aviation, coating industry, petrochemical industry, rockets, aerospace and other cutting-edge scientific and technological fields. Fourth, nanocomposite technology will bring new opportunities to modified plastics, and the manufacture and application of polymer nanocomposites will become an important topic in the future. Fifth, the environmental awareness of plastic modification is becoming more prominent. Sixth, the development of new high-efficiency additives has become an important development direction of modified plastics

source: China Packaging News

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