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Implicit received 4million euros seed round financing to expand artificial intelligence business

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on March 14, 2019, French heart implant electronic device research and development company implicit announced that it had completed 4million euros seed round financing. Investors in this round of financing include Serena, xange, siparex and capdecisif management

this round of financing funds will be used in three aspects: first, research and development of remote monitoring system for heart implantation electronic equipment; 2、 Explore new markets and plan to establish the first data center in the United States by 2020; 3、 Expand AI business

implicit is a research and development company of heart implantation electronic devices, headquartered in Paris, France. The company has developed a remote monitoring system for heart implantation electronic equipment. Through this system, medical staff can easily contact patients and observe their health status in real time. Combined with powerful artificial intelligence algorithms, implicit has achieved the goal of storing patients' medical records in the intelligent monitoring system, making personalized telemedicine services possible

according to foreign media reports, there are more than 500000 patients with heart disease in France. Implantable electronic devices (including pacemakers and defibrillators) are one of the most commonly used medical devices for the treatment of heart diseases. The traditional way of diagnosis and treatment is for patients to have face-to-face Q & A with cardiologists twice a year, so as to help patients better carry out rehabilitation training

before 2016, home monitoring devices were produced and sold by five companies (Abbott, biotronik, Boston Scientific, Medtronic and microport), all of which transferred data to their respective platforms. Restricted by the lack of information exchange, the data retrieval systems of the five companies did not simplify the workflow of cardiologists, and also made medical staff encounter many difficulties in operation, just like the energy and power industries

in May 2016, Dr. Arnaud rosier, a French cardiologist and AI researcher whose price is only 70% of that of similar foreign products, took a fancy to the heart disease diagnosis and treatment market, and created an implication with partners, with the goal of providing a platform compatible with all global devices for medical staff and patients

Dr. Arnaud rosier, CEO of implicit, said, "the remote monitoring system for cardiac implant electronic devices is an important achievement in the field of medical digitalization. Clinical evidence shows that the prognosis of patients with heart disease has been significantly improved after the use of this system. This not only saves medical costs, but also allows medical resources to be better matched."

"implicit is a highly innovative medical technology company, and we are very happy to become a partner with implicit. The remote monitoring system of heart implantation electronic equipment has been recognized by the majority of medical staff. We also believe that with its high-quality products and strong execution, implicit will become a great enterprise." Kamel zeroual, partner of Serena, said

original title: implicit completed the seed round financing of 4million euros, and developed the remote monitoring system for heart implantation electronic equipment

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