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Implementation of "made in China 2025" Fujian moves towards a manufacturing province

implementation of "made in China 2025" Fujian moves towards a manufacturing province

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Fujian Province recently officially issued the "action plan for the implementation of" made in China 2025 "in Fujian Province (hereinafter referred to as the" action plan "), which will become the policy guide and action program for the development of manufacturing industry in the province for a long time in the future

the action plan defines the development goals of the manufacturing industry in Fujian Province in the next ten years, that is, by 2020, the innovation system of the manufacturing industry will be basically improved, the development quality and efficiency will be significantly improved, the digitalization, networking and intellectualization of the manufacturing industry have made significant progress, green manufacturing technology has been widely applied, industrialization will be basically realized, and Fujian will move forward to a large manufacturing province. By 2025, the innovation ability and quality benefits of the manufacturing industry will be significantly improved, the level of the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization will reach a new level, the unit energy consumption, material consumption and pollutant emissions will reach the leading level at home and abroad, the industrialization level will be significantly improved, and the Province will move forward to a strong manufacturing province. Each key task also defines the work objectives and tasks for 2020 and 2025, which are quantifiable, assessable and highly operational. The plan is of great significance for Fujian Province to cope with the challenges of a new round of technological revolution and international competition, promote the expansion and strengthening of the manufacturing industry in Fujian Province, enhance the confidence of manufacturing enterprises in development, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading

implement nine key tasks

first, take intelligent manufacturing as the main direction to promote the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization. The action plan regards the development of intelligent manufacturing as the primary task, and puts forward the work tasks of vigorously promoting the "numerical control generation", carrying out the pilot demonstration of intelligent manufacturing, implementing the special action of "machine replacement", developing and expanding the intelligent equipment industry, developing intelligent terminal products and improving the supporting capacity of industrial software

second, improve the innovation system of manufacturing industry and enhance the aftereffect of innovation and development. The action plan proposes to take the major project of manufacturing innovation as a breakthrough, organize a number of special projects for manufacturing innovation, cultivate a number of "technology centers (research institutes) of key manufacturing enterprises", implement the wide coverage action of R & D institutions of large and medium-sized industrial enterprises, promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, improve the service system of scientific and technological innovation, cultivate the space for mass entrepreneurship in manufacturing, and strengthen the application of intellectual property rights

third, accelerate the implementation of the "four Basics" project and consolidate the foundation for the development of manufacturing industry. The action plan proposes to implement the industrial "four Basics" project, improve the "four Basics" R & D capability, support the cooperation between complete machine enterprises and basic enterprises, and speed up the application and promotion of the "four Basics"

fourth, promote the integrated development of "interconnection + manufacturing" and promote the innovation of production organization mode. The action plan proposes to carry out the pilot innovation of interconnection and industrial integration, develop cloud manufacturing, implement the special action of IOT, and improve the supporting capacity of interconnection infrastructure

fifth, promote the service-oriented manufacturing industry and realize the value chain to climb to both ends of the "smile curve". The action plan proposes to vigorously develop the productive service industry and encourage advanced manufacturing enterprises to "fission" professional advantages to provide professional services for industrial enterprises; Promote the development of service-oriented manufacturing and encourage enterprises to implement mass customization production; Improve industrial design ability and other tasks

Sixth, vigorously promote green manufacturing and realize intensive and sustainable development. The action plan refines the work tasks and puts forward the development priorities around strengthening energy conservation and consumption reduction, promoting cleaner production, improving the level of green development, developing circular economy, and expanding energy conservation and environmental protection industries

seventh, improve the quality brand and speed up the brand construction of "made in Fujian". The action plan proposes to apply advanced technology and intelligent equipment to improve quality management level; Support large and medium-sized enterprises to increase the intensity of standard making, strengthen the construction of standard system, and establish a standard promotion alliance in key areas; Implement the "made in Fujian" brand enterprise cultivation project and other tasks. Strive to use five to ten years to further consolidate the quality development foundation of Fujian Province, optimize the quality development environment, strive to achieve a significant improvement in the quality of the manufacturing industry in the most widely used types of conventional plastic granulator equipment, form a number of famous brand products with independent intellectual property rights and high added value, and constantly improve the overall image of "made in Fujian"

Eighth, break through key areas and key links to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of Fujian manufacturing. The action plan puts forward the areas and key links that Fujian's manufacturing industry needs to focus on in the next five to ten years, and defines the main direction of attack in the new generation of information technology industry, high-end CNC machine tool and robot industry, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, marine engineering equipment and high-end high-tech ships, advanced rail transit equipment systems, aviation industry, characteristic agricultural machinery, new materials, petrochemical basic materials, biomedicine and other fields. Taking the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization as the main line and the technological transformation of enterprises as the starting point, this paper puts forward the optimized development path of traditional advantageous industries. Improve the overall development level of the industrial park, enhance the public service capacity of the industry while strengthening the hardware support, and promote the park to develop in an innovative, intensive and ecological direction

The ninth is to promote open cooperation and improve the international development level of manufacturing industry. The action plan proposes to rely on the free trade zone to develop high-end manufacturing, regional headquarters and producer services, so as to realize the coordinated development inside and outside the zone; Rely on the "the Belt and Road" to promote foreign cooperation in manufacturing, build a number of overseas manufacturing cooperation parks, and export advanced production capacity; Deepen the docking and cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan electronics, machinery, petrochemical and other key industries

nine measures to optimize the development environment

in view of several bottlenecks restricting the innovative development of manufacturing industry in Fujian Province, the action plan puts forward nine safeguard measures to create a good policy environment conducive to the development of manufacturing industry

first, strengthen organizational security. A leading group for the implementation of the "made in China 2025" action plan in Fujian Province will be established, headed by provincial leaders. Cities and counties will also establish corresponding coordination mechanisms, strengthen the overall arrangement of work, and form a joint force. If the purchase is assumed, it must be a ball screw. Strengthen the publicity, implementation and guidance of "made in China 2025" and other relevant documents, and guide all localities to implement them. Strengthen the linkage at the three levels of province, city and county, regularly carry out the supervision and inspection of relevant work and the realization of development goals, and establish the evaluation, performance evaluation and incentive mechanism of the quality and benefit level of manufacturing development

the second is to do a good job in pilot demonstration. On the basis of the pilot project of "numerical control generation" in Quanzhou, we will continue to select a number of key projects, enterprises and regions to carry out pilot demonstrations in key areas such as intelligent manufacturing, industrial interconnection, industrial foundation strengthening, green manufacturing, military civilian integration, and increase financial support to form replicable and replicable successful experience and promote it to the whole province

third, the implementation of standards and benchmarking. Vigorously promote enterprises to participate in the implementation of the two integration management system, establish an information-based and refined management mode, and promote the standardization of intelligent manufacturing. Carry out energy efficiency benchmarking in key energy consumption industries to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase. Enterprises are encouraged to transform and improve their existing products according to the advanced quality standards at home and abroad

fourth, strengthen technological transformation. Further improve the policy system to promote the technological transformation of enterprises, and take intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization as the important direction of the new round of technological transformation. Guide social capital to increase investment in technological transformation projects that conform to industrial policies, have good market prospects and excellent economic benefits, expand production scale and enhance competitiveness

fifth, support market development. On the basis of implementing the existing relevant policies to support industrial enterprises to expand domestic and foreign markets, and taking the lead in the market to capture business opportunities in one step, we will focus on supporting enterprises in key areas of intelligent manufacturing to expand the market, and improve measures such as subsidies for the first set, subsidies for the purchase of intelligent equipment, and incentives for enterprises to win large projects outside the province. Guide manufacturing enterprises to innovate business models, apply Internet thinking, develop cross-border e-commerce, and seize high-end markets at home and abroad

sixth, strengthen fiscal and tax support. All kinds of special financial funds at all levels should be inclined to advanced manufacturing projects, enterprises and platforms, and continue to increase support. The provincial and municipal governments set up Liugang to reduce the industrial equity investment guidance fund by 30 yuan/ton, and increase the investment in intelligent equipment, core components, basic materials, industrial software and other projects. We will implement tax policies such as accelerated depreciation of fixed assets, proportionate tax credit for equipment investment, additional deduction of R & D expenses, and import of major technical equipment

seventh, optimize financial support. Actively strive for various financial institutions to increase credit support for intelligent equipment enterprises and intelligent technological transformation projects. Vigorously promote the financial leasing of intelligent equipment, support the transaction of financial leasing usufruct assets, encourage enterprises to implement technological transformation through financial leasing, and give corresponding subsidies. We will promote qualified manufacturing enterprises to be listed at home and abroad or on the new third board. Guide all kinds of industrial equity investment funds to increase investment in advanced manufacturing

eighth, expand the talent team. Strengthen the talent introduction and supporting guarantee for high-end talents in key fields such as intelligent manufacturing and electronic information, support school enterprise cooperation from the aspects of optimizing the professional setting of colleges and universities, innovating the training mode, and building talent training bases, and cultivate urgently needed scientific researchers, technical skilled talents, and compound talents in the manufacturing industry

ninth, improve supporting measures. Research and introduce supporting measures to accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing, encourage mass entrepreneurship and innovation, promote military civilian integration, improve the "four basic" capabilities, carry out energy-saving transactions, and promote the service-oriented manufacturing industry, so as to guide financial funds at all levels to strengthen the guarantee of the key tasks of the action plan

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