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With the introduction of the new labor law, the talent flow system has become more relaxed. For Chinese construction machinery manufacturing enterprises, how to better attract and retain excellent talents has become an urgent problem to be solved. Foreign economists believe that human resource management is a huge driving force for enterprise development. However, due to different development backgrounds and characteristics, the development and management of human resources in China's construction machinery industry, especially the newly rising large and medium-sized enterprises, are relatively complex, and it is not easy to make a breakthrough. This paper makes a rough study on the talent strategy of large-scale construction machinery enterprises in China under the modern market economy

raise human resource management to the strategic level

if all departments of the enterprise are like runners on the sports field, then in the past, human resource managers of enterprises were only spectators outside the field, and they did not enter the field until 1995. They enter the arena not to replace the players to run, but through the analysis of their own players and the other players, give appropriate suggestions to the enterprise decision-makers in a timely manner, and consider the overall situation to put the players on the most suitable track, so as to ensure the final victory. This is what enterprise human resource managers need to do under the modern market economy

therefore, the human resources management department of China's construction machinery enterprises should step out of the traditional work mainly engaged in human administration and affairs, and put the development of human resources capabilities and the recruitment of talents at a strategic height as the top priority of their work. At present, a large part of China's large and medium-sized construction machinery enterprises are still state-owned enterprises, and few of them really raise their human resource management to the strategic level. Brain drain has become the most headache for enterprises

in view of these situations, how should construction machinery enterprises plan their human resources? The author believes that, first of all, we should combine the internal business direction and strategic objectives of the enterprise, as well as the external social and legal environment of the enterprise to determine how many talents the enterprise needs and what kind of talents it needs, whether it is self-cultivation or external introduction... All these need to be carefully investigated and thought, and formulate a complete human resource development plan

in today's society, the competition of enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce, and the transfer of human resources is also accelerating. Therefore, enterprises should not only formulate short-term human resources development plans, but also formulate medium and long-term development plans

in the process of formulating the strategic plan to fight graphene as a new star in the material industry, enterprises must pay attention to the following aspects: first, the change of national and local human resources policy environment; Second, the change of the internal business environment of the enterprise; Third, the principle of stability, that is, the human resources of enterprises should take the stable development of enterprises as the premise and basis of their management; The fourth is the growth principle, that is, human resource planning must meet the needs of enterprise management, and maintain a certain amount of flexible chemicals for integrated circuits and discrete devices, chemicals for printed circuit board production and assembly, chemicals for display devices, chemicals for color liquid crystal displays, chemicals for printed circuit board (PCB) processing, ultra clean and high-purity reagents and special (Electronic) gases Advanced preparation and utilization technologies of packaging materials and grinding and polishing chemicals; Fifth, the principle of sustainability, that is, human resources should aim at maintaining the sustainable development of enterprises; Sixth, formulate the human resources tactical plan of the enterprise, including recruitment plan, talent training plan, assessment plan, etc., to realize the scientific and rational utilization of human resources; Seventh, establish a three-dimensional management mode of scientific division and cooperation among decision-makers, front-line managers and human resources management departments, and scientifically divide the work in charge of various businesses of human resources development and management, which will contribute to the designation and implementation of human resources strategic planning

human resource development should first develop managers

human resource development in foreign enterprises should first emphasize the development of managers, followed by the development of employees, while many domestic enterprises only emphasize the development of employees, ignoring the change of managers' own ideas and the improvement of their quality at all levels of enterprises. In fact, the quality of management, especially those above the middle level, directly affects the survival and development of enterprises. If managers do not update their ideas and still use the old-fashioned methods to manage and require employees, it will inevitably lead to difficulties in the development and management of human resources in enterprises. Therefore, cultivating and selecting excellent professional managers is an effective measure and necessary way to improve the human resource development and management level of the whole enterprise, among which the implementation of the competitive appointment system for management positions is a good choice

when hiring talents, both managers and ordinary employees should follow the following three principles. First, the principle of "openness, fairness and impartiality" provides users with technical advice; Adhere to both ability and political integrity, and be meritorious. Establish a recruitment and selection system based on identifying and selecting people, determine the number of talents that must be recruited outside each year, determine the recruitment method, and widely look for recruitment sources. The second is to establish a human based configuration and use system. According to the enterprise development plan, we should clarify the human resource development strategy in line with it. For potential young people, we should boldly bear the burden and give them seats, so that they can experience the wind and rain, see the world and gain insight in important positions. Third, establish a talent reserve system. Establish a complete set of employee mobility system and mobility ratio with the principle of cost optimization, take the exploration and reserve of talent reserves as a continuous work, and determine the optimal mobility rate on the basis of mobility ratio and cost correlation analysis. Regularly input a certain proportion of new employees for reserve training to cope with the unexpected heavy losses caused by the sudden loss of employees

effective incentive mechanism is the key to retention.

the most effective incentive can closely connect the personal development of employees with the development strategy of the company, and greatly mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees. Enterprises should adopt a combination of spiritual incentives and material incentives, management incentives and self incentives, and adopt different incentives for different employees and positions. There are the following categories: (1) distribution incentives: a reasonable distribution mechanism is one of the simplest and most effective incentives. The company strictly abides by the basic principles of "distribution according to work, more pay for more work, reward the good and punish the bad, link performance, and open grades", which will effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of employees. (2) Promotion incentives: for employees with leadership awareness and pioneering ability, especially young employees, post incentives are used to create posts and opportunities to give play to their enthusiasm and realize their personal design. (3) Technical incentives: for business and technical ordinary employees, technical incentives should be adopted to encourage them to take the expert Road, and corresponding incentive policies should be formulated for key employees in terms of professional title evaluation, bonus payment, award and excellence evaluation, training and going abroad. (4) Training incentives: the company can send employees with outstanding contributions abroad to participate in training, or participate in business, technology, business administration and other training. In addition, it also includes job rotation incentives, long-term employee incentives, security incentives, participation incentives, honor incentives and other incentives. Thing 3 Select the right angle sample with cutting edge: in fact, there are many ways to stimulate, mainly by adopting the way suitable for the background and characteristics of the enterprise, and formulating the corresponding system

the role of managers in "retaining people"

If an effective incentive mechanism is the key to retaining talents, managers also play a crucial role in employing and retaining people. First, managers should guide employees to scientifically design their career development and development direction. In this regard, Sany Heavy Industry, a private enterprise, has done a better job. They not only set up promotion channels for managers, but also designed corresponding promotion channels for technicians. In the words of a senior leader of Sany Heavy Industry, if a technician reaches level 2 or level 3, their salary and reward should be no different from the ministerial level of the unit; The salary and welfare of some technicians can be the same as that of the deputy general manager. After all, the positions of managers are limited. The practice of Sany will encourage more people to engage in scientific research and technology, because they can see their own goals and development direction. Second, line managers are required to help employees plan their career based on the needs of the enterprise. If enterprises want to retain talents, they must give them enough trust and personal career development space. If managers have a certain understanding of their subordinates, and then on the basis of the requirements of the enterprise's rank promotion system and job qualification system, and based on the ability characteristics of employees, help employees do a good job in career planning, employees will deeply feel that the enterprise is concerned about their own development. Third, strengthen the line managers' awareness of managing employees' career through performance appraisal. The performance appraisal results are directly linked to the salary and welfare. By selecting the actual effect of career management, that is, the career development of employees and other relevant indicators, the performance appraisal of line managers is carried out, and the performance appraisal indicators are used to guide subordinate employees to better complete their career

in a word, if Chinese construction machinery enterprises want to attract and retain people, they must work hard on human resource management and absorb talents from all aspects for the enterprise in a scientific and reasonable way

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