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Editor's note: the reform of the medical insurance system involves a wide range of policies and is difficult to operate. As the capital city of Zhejiang Province and one of the pilot cities of medical insurance reform in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou is more difficult to work. So how did Hangzhou bring 750000 insured employees and tens of thousands of insured enterprises into the medical insurance information management system within a year

On September 28th, 2000, Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of labor and social security conducted a bidding for the basic medical insurance management information system project for urban workers in Hangzhou after a thorough investigation of the bidding units. The bidding involves technical consultation, software development, system hardware integration, training of system maintenance personnel, pre-sales and after-sales services, etc. Neusoft Software Co., Ltd. won the bid in one fell swoop

according to the whole work plan, in November 2001, 750000 ginseng core boards will be included in the Hangzhou medical insurance information management system, including new national standard insurance employees, tens of thousands of insured enterprises, and more than 100 designated medical institutions

seven points of demand and three points of development

the early planning and design work is the basis for the implementation of the whole system. At the same time, Hangzhou medical insurance management information system covers a wide range of areas

in the system design stage, we need to consider the establishment of 750000 Insured Employee accounts, the collection and payment of medical insurance funds of tens of thousands of insured enterprises, the examination and payment of medical expenses of hundreds of designated medical institutions, the monitoring of medical insurance funds, the calculation of collection proportion and other issues

in the stage of demand analysis, many relevant departments, such as the Provincial Department of labor and social security, the Provincial Department of health, the Municipal Health Bureau, the municipal commercial bank, the Municipal Local Taxation Bureau, the provincial and municipal designated medical institutions, the his developers of the designated medical institutions, the municipal radio and Television Bureau, the Municipal Telecommunications Bureau, the insured enterprises and so on, jointly participated. The system is huge and complex, and Hangzhou labor and Social Security Bureau and Neusoft have invested the most powerful force

after detailed demand analysis, a large number of communications and project meetings between various departments, the implementation scope of Hangzhou medical insurance project was preliminarily determined, and it was decided to take radio and television lines as the trunk line, telecommunications lines as the backup line, magnetic card as the medical insurance card, the system uses c/s structure to speed up the development structure of products, and build the medical insurance system in a large centralized mode

system function networking linkage

Hangzhou medical insurance management information system takes the municipal medical insurance service center as the center, covering banks, local taxes, industry and commerce, designated medical institutions, designated pharmacies, insured enterprises and other units and individuals, mainly including 11 systems, including insured object management subsystem, fund management subsystem, expense audit management subsystem, account management subsystem and so on. Among them, the hospital side dynamic link library subsystem mainly provides unified specifications and standards for the data exchange between the medical center management system and the hospital management system (his). The medical insurance card management subsystem is a medical insurance card management system jointly developed with commercial banks according to the requirements of the local medical insurance system and the banking system for card management, which realizes the connection between the bank and the medical insurance system. The whole system has developed hundreds of modules and shared data with the original pension system

in terms of system architecture, the host system architecture of the municipal medical insurance center takes IBM rs/6000 M80 dual computers as the core, 7133-ssa high-speed disk array as the shared connection, and 3590-e11 tape library as the system backup. In the municipal medical insurance center, the local backbone network bandwidth is Gigabit, and Gigabit interconnection is also adopted with all secondary switches, providing a set of local area system from 10/100m to the desktop for all internal departments

the wide area system of the system designs different solutions suitable for its own communication lines according to the specific data volume of each designated medical institution. For large-scale designated medical institutions, the broadband IP of radio and television is used to maintain the real-time connection with the medical insurance center. 100m broadband access is provided in the medical insurance center and 10m broadband access is provided at the hospital end to ensure the broadband connection to the database server of large and medium-sized designated hospitals. In addition, the frame relay digital communication special line of Telecom is used as the backup line, and 2m frame relay bandwidth is provided in the medical insurance center, Provide 64K or 128K bandwidth at the hospital end to ensure that large designated hospitals can still use enough bandwidth to connect to the medical insurance center when the broadband IP line of radio and television fails

for the medium-sized designated medical institutions, the broadband IP of radio and television is used to maintain the real-time connection with the medical insurance center, so as to ensure the broadband connection database server of the medium-sized designated medical institutions. In addition, the ISDN line of Telecom is used as the backup line, so as to ensure that the medium-sized designated hospitals can still connect to the medical insurance center by dialing in case of failure of the broadband IP line of radio and television

many small designated medical institutions and designated pharmacies use ISDN or PSTN to maintain the connection with the medical insurance center by dialing

the system implements scientific control

Neusoft has adopted the internationally popular control method in software development. First, after formal review and approval, a group of configuration items will be used as a benchmark as the basis for further development. Only through formal change control procedures can they be changed. Changes due to changes in customer business needs can be made until the instigation light is on. Changes should be confirmed by the customer. Therefore, at the contract stage, we made clear with the customer the control method of the system change of the material with elasticity and wear resistance, so as to prevent the developers from changing the software at will, so as to confirm the successful implementation of the system

each project team adopts the method of team development. During the development process, the configuration management tool source safe 6.0 is configured to manage, and the configuration report is automatically generated at each stage of the project and submitted to the QA principal and the project manager, so as to know the status of the project at any time

after the development of each project, all codes and documents shall be backed up to a dedicated code backup server for archiving. As the beginning of new tasks, the later maintenance will regularly sort out the results of maintenance activities, add them to the backup of the original project, and update the configuration status report at the same time. The dark box test method is adopted during the test

the construction of the system hardware platform is mainly divided into several aspects, such as the tracking of equipment arrival, the acceptance of equipment arrival, the construction of the system, the planning of IP address, and the verification of the system. In the process of project implementation, Microsoft Project tool software is mainly used to manage the project

by adopting the above methods, Hangzhou medical insurance management information system is ensured to be in 2

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