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Application of corrugated lightweight base paper for household appliance packaging

in recent years, household appliance corrugated box packaging has been developing towards reduction and lightweight. Only in this way can we ensure the effective use of resources and protect the environment. Many countries in the world advocated "moderate" packaging a few years ago and tried to reduce packaging. As early as 1990, Connecticut proposed a bill requiring the implementation of reduced "moderate packaging" in commodity packaging; The German government requires industrial enterprises to reduce packaging materials and use environmentally friendly materials in relevant regulations; Japan also strongly advocates reducing packaging to save raw and auxiliary materials and reduce packaging waste. Reflected in the packaging of domestic household appliances, for example, many household appliances were originally packed in corrugated boxes with 5 or more layers. But now, due to the implementation of reduced packaging, it has been changed to three layers. The inner layer of this new package is corrugated paper with high warming degree in the international market. The inner and outer layers are made of high-strength composite cardboard. Although the amount of packaging is reduced, the strength and other quality indicators are not reduced, so that the new packaging not only saves costs, but also ensures environmental protection

compared with the west, China obviously still has a big gap in the light weight of paper packaging with strain gauge boxes pasted on the surface of elastic components, which is due to the consumption concept and design concept. The key point is that the modernization of China's commercial circulation field is still relatively low. Most of the manual operations in the logistics process occur, and barbaric transportation and loading and unloading occur from time to time, which seriously affects the promotion and application of this form of packaging. He hopes to reduce and put an end to this phenomenon as soon as possible with the continuous development of the industry, because after joining the WTO, China's household appliance industry must integrate into the global market, it must produce and trade with international standards, otherwise it will be very passive. The packaging must also closely follow the world trend, actively respond, seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, so as to win the initiative for its own development

it can be seen from the situation of the above three enterprises that at present, user enterprises attach great importance to the quality of base paper, but the rise in the price of base paper has brought cost pressure. Improving quality and reducing cost have become a pair of contradictions in front of each enterprise, and the lightweight base paper with low weight and high strength provides a new solution to this contradiction. For "lightweight base paper", there are several views in the industry at present. One view is that it is a trend change in the global carton industry, that is, when selecting base paper, the quantity of paper is getting lower and lower; Another idea is that lightweight has clear hard indicators, which must meet at least one of the three conditions of "special process processing", "independent equipment production" and "weight should be at least 150 g below the advanced level of the automotive industry led by innovative materials"; There is also a common view that the base paper weight should be between 110 ~ 180g/m2, and there are clear requirements for the ring compression strength, fracture length and other indicators of the base paper

although the industry has not reached a consensus on the standard of "lightweight base paper", based on the triple consideration of quality, cost and environmental protection, many domestic household appliance and electronic enterprises have expressed great concern about low gram weight and high-strength base paper, and said that it will be used when the time is ripe. Due to the promising domestic market for low gram weight and high-strength corrugated base paper, lightweight base paper is expected to become another trend in the development of household appliance packaging

source: Global corrugated box industry just about 20 years ago

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