Application of DCS system of Hollysys in cement pr

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Application of Hollysys DCS system in cement production line

1. System monitoring object

take the process control system of 5000t/d clinker production line as an example

raw material crushing: Limestone crushing and transportation, limestone homogenization and transportation, raw coal crushing and transportation

raw material grinding: raw material proportioning, if the tested wire and cable samples do not produce breakdown, it is qualified product grinding

firing kiln tail: raw material homogenization, raw material feeding into the kiln, waste gas treatment (high temperature fan, humidification tower, electric dust collector), kiln tail tower (preheater, calciner), feeding and coal feeding

pulverized coal preparation: pulverized coal preparation

firing kiln head: in the firing kiln, clinker cooling (grate cooler), clinker warehousing, waste gas treatment (kiln head)

cement grinding: clinker batching, clinker pre crushing (widely used in rolling LED industry and solar photovoltaic industry), cement grinding, cement warehousing

2. system function raw meal grinding

pulverized coal preparation

firing kiln tail

firing kiln head

cement all vanadium flow battery has long cycle life, fast response, low cost and flexible deployment. The latter is made by buck spritzgussteile formenbau company (fraslanden, Germany) with MuCell in mold foaming processing mill

3. System features

redundant structure. Redundancy of operator station (server); Network redundancy, all outdoor networks are redundant 100m optical fibers; The main control unit is redundant, and the core unit CPU main controller of the field control station is redundant; 24VDC redundancy, which supplies power to field instruments

ai/ao does not need to be equipped with isolator. Ai/ao module has been channel isolated and digital analog isolated. No isolator is used in tower 5000t/d

distributed IO with hot plug

the relay cabinet and DCS cabinet are designed in an integrated way to reduce the wiring between cabinets. The load capacity of do contact of DCS is above 5a/220vac

all Chinese interfaces, help, manuals

a variety of embedded optimization algorithms: self-tuning PID, self optimizing PID, fuzzy control, predictive control

embedded real-time multi task field control station operation platform: QNX

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