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Realize full "streaming" playback - looking forward to the future development of stream media market

a year ago, for users with insufficient bandwidth, if they want to browse "stream media", that is (information played in the form of data stream on), they will become restless and almost lose confidence in the network. Because they have to wait for huge video, audio and animation files to be slowly downloaded to local players, and these players also have frequent failures

multimedia designers usually do not use too many audio and video files on user sites, because even users using 28.8 baud or 33.6 baud modems cannot process the received information. Therefore, designers often set up some sites for themselves (such sites generally make bandwidth descriptions) to show or test new streaming technology. They understand that the characteristics of information transmission on the Internet are an emerging technology, but they don't know how to apply this technology to the network economy in a fast and effective way. Bill Gates, President of Microsoft, pointed out: "stream media is an explosive new thing. It is developing at an incredible speed." Frost Sullivan, a famous market consulting company, pointed out in a report that the entire stream media market created a wealth of $635.8 million in 1999, and this figure is expected to rise to $1.2 billion by 2000

at present, there is no exact data to prove how many people are browsing stream media information. However, there is a survey result that can be used for reference. Arbitron, which has always conducted listening rate surveys for radio programs, recently released their first listening rate survey report on radio. Only four stream media service providers participated in the survey. The results show that during October 1999, a total of more than 900000 listeners listened to radio programs on 240 channels, and they spent a total of 1.3 million hours on the online radio programs of these four companies. For the huge audience of online broadcasting, this is only a small part, not to mention all users of stream media. This shows that current stream media has a considerable coverage. Barnes noble is a company that has noticed this. This interlocking Bookstore recently reached a cooperation agreement with radio amp. As part of Barnes noble station, radio amp, a new international broadcasting organization, will provide its listeners with ways to enjoy more than 25000 songs and song briefs, as well as the service of purchasing relevant books and CDs. Other stations offering similar services include CNBC, which broadcasts and special reports according to users' needs, A music and cultural site for teenagers; Fox Sports and technology channels like that

companies engaged in network communication, training and e-commerce are trying to realize the commercial value of streaming technology. Goonline has been using streaming video (streaming video technology) on their website since the middle of 1999. They link sound and video images to each displayed product, that is, each product will be equipped with a sound introduction and a 30-40 second animation introduction. The station uses sures of realnetwork company, the output value of China's new material industry has basically exceeded 2trillion yuan, and the stream software realizes the above functions. It supports users to browse stable animation with RealPlayer player player

after the current stre passes the factory inspection, there are four major service manufacturers in the AM media market - Microsoft Micrsoft, apple, real network and Macromedia. Microsoft's Windows media player and real network's RealPlayer plus G2 to plus7 series have been competing for the first position in the market. Followed by Apple's quicktime4.1 player, this version of QuickTime allows video advertisements to be inserted in streams, but this function is in the development stage. Also highly competitive is Macromedia, which is in a leading position in developing animation software, which uses shockwave and flash technology to produce interactive vector animation for the station. Since its inception in 1996, flash has become the most important interactive vector animation software in the world. At present, more than 200million flash players have been downloaded all over the world

like Adobe's PDF portable file format, Macromedia uses flash as a built-in tool. Recently, adobe, Corel and quark all expressed their support for flash technology. Livemotion, recently released by Adobe, is an intuitive network design tool for interactive animation and images. It supports flash mode. Quark has also joined the focus of flash, announcing that it will study an xtension software that can help QuarkXPress users generate flash content

the most important statement made by Macromedia this year is probably the cooperation agreement they reached with Corel in February. This agreement will first apply flash technology to CorelDRAW software to realize sharing. The second part is to add the flash player to Corel's Linux operating system, so Corel's Linux operating system will be the first Linux operating system bundled with Macromedia's flash player

it is worth noting that to build a site that truly realizes interactivity and "streaming" playback, it is not enough to only load stream media based on flash. Few flash sites can fully realize "streaming" playback of any content. Designers usually download their animations in advance, so that the original frame rate will be maintained when playing, so that users can enjoy flash files in a full sense without bandwidth restrictions, and realize interactive operations

for stream media, each player is a valuable product with its own advantages and disadvantages. Windows media player provides faster frame number playback frequency, and real player provides clearer images, but the playback frequency is relatively slow. Users should decide who is more suitable for the special needs of their company according to the characteristics of these products. The real player system has a large market share. One important reason is its swrestream service software, which allows users to generate a compressed video playback ratio and keep it consistent with the speed of users when downloading. In addition, this software can find the one that is consistent with the file download speed in several different flow frequencies. In addition to the real player player, other products also have good prospects. For example, although the site only uses the real player player to serve it, they have planned to use the Windows media player at the same time to provide more users with the way to land their own site after mixing plastic and wood powder in a certain proportion

tools to realize "streaming" communication

when you want to upload and broadcast a digital file as "streaming" media information, you need to seek the services of relevant companies, such as stations that provide digital media solutions, or learn to use stream technology to prepare your files

at present, there are many software products serving stream media in the market, among which Macromedia's Flash software plays a dominant role in the production of interactive vector animation, and the competitive results of livemotion and flash still need users' feedback; The proven advantage of adobe products is the ability to generate mobile images; Terran interactive's media cleaning program is a prominent contribution to compressed video files; Sound edit and soundforge are top audio production software; Adobe's illustrator and macro media's freehand are good choices among many vector drawing software; Now there is even a more complete "streaming" media production system, such as media 100ifinish

compressing audio files and video files for stream media are done at the same time, but they are two different processes. These connections are not as complicated as people think, and one of them is a good one. The trouble now often lies in the lack of a unified standard between ndows media player and real player and other programs. The failure to reach a unified specification is mainly due to the competition between different manufacturers, who all want to occupy a dominant position in the stream media market. The final result is that webmaster must know the program used to upload content, and users must install the correct application software to play them

in addition to the propagation difficulties, the greater trouble in realizing stream media is the bandwidth limitation caused by 56K modem. At present, most stream media audiences have the problem of limited bandwidth. They do not have or simply cannot skip the high-speed DSL dialog description language or wired modem. In the station, the producer must work under the limited bandwidth when using the real player program. Because watching video content is ambiguous even at high speed, programs such as Adobe's after effect must be used as auxiliary programs. When the video content is interrupted, some pre prepared still images will be opened in the after effect and combined into a flowing picture. This way of "forging" the video picture can download and play the still images faster through the real player

join the stream tide

stream media is rapidly becoming one of the hottest fields in the field of media design, and far sighted companies are vigorously exploring the production and management personnel in this field. These companies usually focus on audio/video production, flash animation design, etc. producers and managers of TV and radio programs are also favored by audio. Now just look at the overwhelming job advertisements made by some advertising and design companies, and you can know how popular those who master flash technology or have stream media background are

like any new media, joining stream media is full of challenges. If the technology in the field of network design changes with each passing day and doesn't give you any breathing space, it is more challenging in the field of stream media design, because various technologies are integrated here, and you must constantly learn, absorb and apply them. Of course, for people who are interested in this, this is the great attraction of stream media

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