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MEMS technology has shifted from device level to system level platform

micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) technology is expected to have a more far-reaching impact on individuals of all ages, various industries and even our whole society. This technology is changing from device level to system level platform that requires emerging technologies both inside and outside the device

the success of these two fields will realize a new platform for intelligent sensing and situational awareness, which will benefit consumer electronics, biomedicine, industry, environment, communication, security, transportation market, infrastructure monitoring and financial applications

mems device manufacturers must deal with the deviation from the traditional business model (traditionally, MEMS IC manufacturers Manufacture devices for OEMs, which package these devices into final products). They must focus on the specific needs of customers, the use environment and mode of the final product, and how to make the product easier to operate. For markets that require low costs (such as consumer electronics), the key is higher integration, that is, the cost-effective integration of CMOS and MEMS

these views were confirmed in two recent MEMS conferences, namely, the MEMS Technology Summit and the MEMS managers' conference

according to the title of the conference, most of the MEMS domestic new buildings are still high-energy buildings. The summit brings together "celebrities" from the MEMS industry group. The conference also has the dual purpose of reviewing the progress of MEMS technology in the past 25 years and looking forward to the future. In addition, it is also a commemorative meeting for the 25th anniversary of the founding of Nova sensor, a pioneer in the MEMS industry. Members of the founding team organized this event. The MEMS Industry Association (MIG) is the sponsor of the MEMS managers' conference

"the consideration outside the chip involves the essence of system engineering design. The chip is the real enabler of the system. However, it needs the support of many other functions such as thermal management and interconnection strategy, so as to create the most suitable solution for customer applications." Roger grace, President of Roger grace associates, said

"other main functions of this MEMS solution include MEMS to system interface (often ASIC with microcontroller core with embedded software/algorithm), power supply and network chip, so these functions are combined in a robust and cost-effective way. The basic principles for creating this method (Figure 1) are system engineering design, reliability analysis, design for manufacturability and testability, and collaborative design." Grace added

Figure 1: external considerations of MEMS chips are becoming increasingly necessary to create solutions that are most suitable for customer applications

this involves system engineering design, manufacturability and testability design, and collaborative design

mems IC manufacturers also act frequently at present. For example, Freescale Semiconductor has created a new era of sensing with the help of xtrinsic product portfolio. This brand of sensor is designed wisely with intelligent integration, logic and customizable software, which can realize smarter and more differentiated applications

Figure 2: Kionix three-axis kgy13 gyroscope adopts 5 × five × 0.9mm3 24 pin LGA package, for mass market consumer electronics applications

MEMS and non MEMS semiconductor IC manufacturers are making full use of their production capacity and products to devote themselves to the huge new market opportunities they think. Vida ildereme, vice president and director of Intel's labs, said that Intel is looking for smart sensing opportunities in embedded applications with the development of embedded silicon-on-a-chip IC. The company strives to build its leading position in the field of microprocessors and create new functions and strategic directions for embedded applications

"MEMS and other sensing technologies are becoming more and more important for products in the consumer electronics, smart electricity and medical market," ildereme said. "Intelligent sensing and context aware services will bring huge business opportunities to the embedded market with the help of hundreds of millions of wireless connected devices."

Figure 3: Qualcomm MEMS technologies' Mirasol MEMS display will be used in e-book devices early this year, which can provide XGA format at a frame rate of 15 frames per second. It uses interferometer modulation technology (its principle is to place a simple vacuum deposition film structure on the glass substrate), without backlight power supply

even the academia that pioneered almost all MEMS technologies is looking for profitable market opportunities. According to kensall wise, a professor at the University of Michigan and former dean of the wireless integrated microsystem (WIMS) Engineering Research Center of the University, this wireless device is promoting the development of automatic and autonomous biomedical systems designed for blind spot measurement

Figure 4: this watch sized gas chromatograph for environmental monitoring from the University of Michigan wireless integrated Microsystems (WIMS) center fits the size of the iPod shuffle. It can detect 30 to 50 kinds of organic vapor pollutants per billion analytes in a few seconds to one minute during each analysis

huge consumer market

in recent years, the consumer electronics market is using multi axis MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes with record numbers, and their applications cover smart, digital cameras, notebooks and laptops, tablet computers, TV remote controls, game consoles, toys, personal navigation devices and GPS devices. Accelerometers and gyroscopes are adding more functions to the chip while maintaining smaller size and lower cost - two essential requirements of the consumer electronics market

new companies such as VTI technologies, Sony and Panasonic are crowded into mature MEMS gyroscope manufacturers such as invensense, STMicroelectronics and Epson toyocom. In addition, Bosch sensortec and Kionix are also expected to enter this market

invensense has achieved a breakthrough in the field of integrated MEMS gyroscopes with the help of its mpu-6000 series products, which are available in 4 × four × The 0.9mm3 bare chip integrates a digital motion processor as a hardware accelerometer engine and a three-axis gyroscope and accelerometer, which can realize 9-axis sensor fusion

Kionix, recently acquired by Rohm Co. Ltd., ranks third in the output of MEMS inertial sensors for consumer applications. With the help of two 5 × five × The launch of 0.9mm3 new digital gyroscope (double axis kgy-12 and three axis kgy13 LGA package, figure 5) gives full play to its professional and technical advantages in the field of easy-to-use accelerometers for consumer markets. These gyroscopes are for specific applications with built-in user programmable, directional beat, directional vibration and free fall motion monitoring task algorithms

Figure 5: This FDA approved implantable wireless pressure sensor using RF technology, which is attached to caridomems of Georgia Institute of technology, can be used to treat aneurysms (aneurysms are the primary cause of heart failure). The sensor is inserted near the patient's heart through a catheterization that can be completed in just a few minutes, without any external power supply

"our largest engineering design staffing is application engineering design. For us, these personnel are developing applications for end users." Greg Calvin, CEO of Kionix, said, "our customers want us to provide them with the final solution they want - registers that can provide them with information about whether the device is moving and whether it is in vertical or horizontal mode. Customers don't want to be troubled by raw data processing, or they don't have the ability to process raw data."

most MEMS gyroscopes work with unbalanced open-loop vibrators such as forks and combs. In contrast, silicon sensing systems uses a 3mm closed-loop vibrating ring with a resonant frequency of 22khz. The vibration ring can be regarded as countless tuning forks with balanced vibration circular structure. The company claims that this method can realize MEMS gyroscopes with lower cost, lower power consumption and lighter weight. At the same time, qualtre is using bulk acoustic wave (BAW) technology in its gyroscope. It is said that the processing cost and power consumption of this gyroscope are lower than other gyroscopes

mems inertial management unit (IMU) is a branch of MEMS gyroscope, which includes highly integrated MEMS accelerometer and gyroscope. For more than a decade, these devices have been used for navigation, flight control and stability functions. Nowadays, higher integration promotes the decreasing price, which enables IMU to be used in emerging health care and industrial applications

Figure 6: an array consisting of 60 electrodes connected to the optic membrane and a MEMS optic membrane pump are designed to cause visual perception through electric stimulation of the optic membrane to treat blindness caused by diseases such as optic membrane pigmentation and age-related macular degeneration. Argus II, a small second-generation product of second sight, will not cause rejection. It can be refilled during implantation and can be programmed for administration

new prospects

rich duncombe, the planner of HP, recently announced some plans of his company, aiming to provide sensing solutions for industries and entities that need sensing solutions, and sell these solutions in the form of services. This strategy fundamentally deviates from the traditional business model that MEMS IC manufacturers Manufacture devices for OEMs and OEMs package these devices into final products

although HP is a major manufacturer of inkjet printheads using MEMS technology, the company plans to use its recently developed low-power, low-noise and high-resolution MEMS accelerometer sensor platform to build on it with customers who need such data

"we have announced a cooperation agreement with Shell Oil Co. to jointly develop a wireless sensor system. This wireless sensor system makes it easier to realize the recycling and reuse of products at the end of their service life. It can collect extremely high-resolution onshore seismic data in areas where it is extremely difficult to collect data when shell oil company is exploring oil wells." Duncombe said

"we will provide this' system 'level solution to any customer who needs it. At the same time, we see the huge market opportunities behind this initiative." Referring to the huge business opportunities in the field of transportation systems, infrastructure and energy monitoring, he added, "even the financial industry can adopt this biometric and verification service."

environmental and industrial applications may also prove to be the two largest potential markets for MEMS devices. When MEMS sensors are combined with autonomous wireless networks, they will usher in a new era of vibration and health monitoring infrastructure and structures such as railways, bridges, dams, buildings and aircraft

analog devices (ADI) recently launched the first MEMS triaxial vibration analysis system, which can help industrial designers improve system performance and reduce maintenance costs. Adis16227 iSensor vibration monitor adopts a MEMS accelerometer and a built-in programmable processor in a 15mm3 small package, which can realize directional sensing and spectrum analysis, and identify and classify specific vibration sources

optical field

the application of MEMS technology also covers the field of display and optical projection. The Mirasol display of Qualcomm MEMS technologies uses interferometer modulation technology. Its principle is to place a simple vacuum deposited film structure on a glass substrate. This display, which can provide XGA format at the rate of 15 frames/second, will be used for e-books that will be available at the beginning of this year

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