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Membrane water treatment market contains huge business opportunities

Professor Dong Shengxiong, a well-known domestic membrane expert and doctoral tutor of Fuzhou University, introduced in an interview a few days ago that as a high-tech cleaner production technology, membrane water treatment market has broad prospects, and the membrane market also contains huge business opportunities. However, at present, there are few varieties of domestic membranes, and the industrial scale is still very small. The reverse osmosis membrane market, which is most widely used in the field of water treatment, is mainly divided up by several foreign companies. Domestic membranes cannot compete with foreign manufacturers in terms of industrialization scale and product performance. He pointed out that the development of China's membrane industry must gradually replace imported membrane materials with domestic membranes through scientific and technological innovation

it is understood that membrane separation technology has been widely used in chemical industry, energy, petroleum, medicine, biology, environmental protection, water treatment and many other fields, and has been highly valued by all countries. According to the prediction of experts, the membrane separation industry has maintained a growth rate of 8% in the world, and has a fairly broad application prospect in China. In 2015, China's membrane market demand is expected to exceed 20billion yuan, accounting for 10% - 15% of the world's total, with an annual growth rate of 20%. In recent years, the market demand for membrane technology in China is unprecedented. During the 11th Five Year Plan period, China's total investment in water supply, sewage treatment, reclaimed water reuse and drainage, and water pollution prevention and control exceeded 1trillion yuan. More than 1000 sewage treatment plants have been built nationwide. By 2010, China's urban sewage treatment rate will reach more than 70%. In terms of water treatment technology, membrane separation technology is the most effective way to reuse water resources and ensure water quality

in the current domestic water treatment market, reverse osmosis membrane accounts for the largest market share. About 70% of domestic reverse osmosis membranes are used in boiler water treatment, especially in the field of medium and high pressure boiler feed water treatment. In the future, reverse osmosis membrane will turn to diversified development, and the market will spread from the use of well water, surface water, pure water for production industry to the improper use of oil in the fields of reclaimed water reuse, industrial and municipal sewage treatment, seawater desalination and so on; The demand for anti pollution membrane and seawater desalination membrane is steadily increasing; With the market demand, technological progress and the application of reverse osmosis membranes, the proportion of ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes in the filtration and turbidity removal market is increasing year by year, and the growth rate is expected to exceed that of reverse osmosis membranes. Professor dongshengxiong said that the circular economy policy vigorously advocated by the state is a once-in-a-lifetime historical opportunity for membrane water treatment

In recent years, membrane separation technology has become an important force in the water treatment industry. In 2030, China's population will reach 1.6 billion, and the total water consumption is expected to be 700 billion ~ 800 billion cubic meters. The water supply capacity is required to increase by 130. There are many types of special machines, 0 billion ~ 230 billion cubic meters. The actual available water resources in the country are close to the upper limit of rational water utilization. Therefore, it is imperative to develop new water resources, such as seawater desalination. At present, using reverse osmosis membrane for seawater desalination is the most economical and clean method. In addition, in recent years, the discharge of wastewater and sewage in China has increased at the rate of 1.8 billion tons per year. The daily discharge of industrial wastewater and domestic sewage in China is nearly 164 million tons, of which about 80% is directly discharged into the water area without treatment. Therefore, there is a great demand for membrane application in environmental protection water treatment in China, which will become the field with the greatest growth potential of the water industry

Professor dongshengxiong introduced that at present, China has made major breakthroughs in membrane preparation and production technology, and the reverse osmosis membrane preparation technology has reached the world advanced level. In 2008, the domestic reverse osmosis membrane desalination quality management system can directly extract the required data from the database, which has reached 99.7%, belonging to the international cutting-edge level, and the domestic market share of domestic reverse osmosis membrane has reached 10%. China is the world's first PVC alloy hollow fiber membrane technology, which fills the international gap and has become the mainstream technology for advanced drinking water treatment; The new process of preparing polyvinylidene fluoride hollow fiber membrane by thermally induced phase separation (TIPS) method has been overcome, and the foreign technical blockade has been broken through. The small-scale and pilot scale tests of tips have been successfully realized in 2008, and the industrial production will be realized

ultrafiltration membranes in China have gradually replaced imported membranes. China Bluestar, Hangzhou water treatment center, Beijing time Wharton, Tianjin membrane, Hainan Lisheng and Shandong Zhaojin membrane can produce high-performance ultrafiltration membranes, which have been successfully applied in many major domestic projects; Fujian thumb environmental protection technology has realized the zero discharge project of industrial wastewater by using membrane bioreactor; Fujian weishibang membrane technology combines membrane bioreactor with reverse osmosis process to deeply treat the effluent from the secondary sedimentation tank of printing and dyeing wastewater in large printing and dyeing enterprises, realizing the recycling and reuse of printing and dyeing wastewater. The project is the first in China; Fuzhou Fulong membrane technology cooperates with Fuzhou University to prepare a new oil-gas separation membrane gas collection device for transformer monitoring, replacing the long-term dependence on imports of oil-gas separation membranes in China's power industry

for this reason, Professor Dong Shengxiong suggested that the country should allow you to contact important decision makers and members through this grand event to establish a production demonstration base for reverse osmosis membrane/nanofiltration membrane materials and components; Develop innovative membrane bioreactor technology, integrate the technical force of producing polyvinylidene fluoride hollow fiber membrane, and occupy the market of membrane bioreactor in the field of water treatment in China; Membrane water treatment technology should develop towards the integration and combination of membrane technologies and the integration of membrane and other technologies, and further expand the application field of membrane separation technology; The utilization of chemical resources is the focus of the efficient development and utilization of agricultural and forestry specialty resources in China. Some integrated membrane technologies are applied in the development project of intensive processing products of biochemical resources

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