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Mendix landed at the archsummit summit to share low code practical experience

Beijing, China, April 26, 2021 mendix, a global leader in enterprise low code application development, attended the 2021 archsummit global architect summit today and delivered a keynote speech, sharing mendix's practical experience in the field of low code to the participants. Archsummit global architects summit is a technical meeting focused on high-end technology managers and architects, which aims to help technology managers, CTOs and architects do a good job in technology selection, technical team formation and management, and establish the key role of technology for products and businesses

one stop rapid development can efficiently meet business needs

in the past two years, low code development has become a hot spot with great efficiency and cost advantages, helping enterprises achieve rapid innovation in digital business operations, which has been widely recognized by the industry. As the first one-stop low code rapid development platform in the industry, mendix has built a development ecosystem with its own core that seamlessly integrates data and innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and IOT, and has successfully helped many well-known enterprises at home and abroad to upgrade their systems and create innovative applications. Ruan Ming, a senior architect of mendix, participated in the conference to make the newly formed surface a smooth and flat sheet, and delivered a special speech entitled "digital transformation sprint sharp weapon mendix platform architecture and practice". From the perspective of mendix product design intention and value positioning, platform architecture and capabilities, he deeply shared mendix's successful experience with the guests

Ruan Ming believes that the arrival of the digital era has driven the rapid growth of market demand for applications, which exceeds the supply capacity of it development. In addition, the poor communication between business and it communication needs, superimposed with objective factors such as changing business needs, resulting in the overall efficiency of application development can not meet the needs. With the four advantages of fast start-up, fast development, fast operation and fast operation and maintenance, low code is regarded by enterprises as an effective technology to break through the development bottleneck and improve the digital transformation and application. A large number of various types of low code development platforms have emerged in the market

in response to this situation, Ruan Ming pointed out that enterprise IT managers need to pay attention to the following issues when evaluating low code platforms:

attach importance to the platform's support for cloud native architecture, and cannot ignore the localization development and deployment capabilities

the platform should not only be simple and easy to use, but also consider the support for complex scenes, complex processes and the integration ability of multiple systems

in the era of mobile Internet, enterprise operations need to have the access characteristics of mobile native devices

mendix has launched a model driven visual development platform, which provides a complete ability of one-stop application development and management, which can meet the all-round needs of enterprises from creative generation, demand management to collaborative development, version control to coat a layer of metal that is not easy to rust on the surface of steel by electroplating, hot plating and other methods, and software testing, helping them quickly create modern, multi-channel applications, and realize public cloud Private cloud and local deployment

balance ease of use and flexibility to highlight technical capabilities and value

Ruan Ming said that mendix's low code rapid development platform can seamlessly integrate enterprise self-developed development systems and core enterprise systems such as PLM, MES, ERP, CRM, etc., bringing powerful capabilities of rapid development to customers, while fully meeting their personalized innovation needs, and achieving a good balance between flexibility and ease of use

mendix platform has strong technical capabilities and values, including:

enabling it and business collaboration: mendix provides mendix studio and mendix Studio Pro development tools, with the help of the former, non professional developers can achieve rapid development by dragging and dropping; Professional developers can use the latter and extension components to develop personalized innovative applications in combination with Java action. The seamless integration and visualization functions of the two tools can help the business and it maintain the communication barriers between the lubrication departments, realize collaborative development, more accurately translate the business demands of the business departments into practical applications, greatly improve the development efficiency, and embrace innovation faster

agile driven, accelerating application development: mendix platform has built-in agile development function covering the whole life cycle in the cloud, which can not only realize multi cloud deployment with one click, but also provide functions such as operation, monitoring and application iteration. In addition, the platform also supports mobile native applications, which can be quickly compiled and distributed to a variety of native mobile devices through a set of models, and the development speed is more than 10 times faster than the traditional way. Developers can be freed from tedious repetitive work and focus on the core innovative business logic and value

rich components and mature Ecology: mendix platform provides more than 1000 public shared components through the application store, covering various connectors, IOT, machine learning, artificial intelligence and other mainstream functions and modules. After years of deep cultivation in the field of low code, mendix has also accumulated a large number of open-source data components contributed by developers, creating a mature application component ecosystem. In addition, enterprises can also develop private components according to their personalized needs to realize internal sharing and reuse, so as to create customized applications with potential utilization prospects in the fields of surface coating protection, biomedical materials, lithium batteries, aerospace and so on

unlock system data and extend system value: mendix can integrate the data of the enterprise's vertical business system into the platform through connector components for development, and then visually configure applications suitable for computer, pad and screen operations with the help of mendix's sub packaged front-end framework, so as to help enterprises quickly and cheaply release data value and improve system functions. In addition, mendix can also realize the rapid development of common applications such as registration, data collection and analysis at the speed of minutes, and make applications and databases run locally to ensure the safety of enterprise data

Ruan Ming pointed out that based on its own technical characteristics and strong applicability, mendix low code rapid development platform can meet the diverse demands of enterprise innovation in the digital age, help manufacturing, energy, finance and other industries speed up the last mile of digital transformation, and play a role in four application scenarios, including:

rapid innovation applications: it can quickly combine innovative technologies such as IOT and artificial intelligence, Quickly adapt to new applications and products

customer interaction applications: they can be used to create B2B and B2C portals and mobile applications to enhance customer participation and customer experience

efficiency improvement applications: collaborative office, process automation, etc., to effectively open up enterprise resources

cross system integration, migration and secondary development of core system: it can realize efficient transformation and migration of key business systems such as enterprise transactions/records

facing the changes of market demand in the post epidemic era, enterprises need to further accelerate the digital transformation and win the first opportunity in the competition. Mendix low code rapid development platform, with years of accumulation from global R & D and business practice, aims to provide integrated support capabilities for digital transformation, meet the diverse needs of different development groups, enable sustainable innovation, and bring double breakthroughs in cost and efficiency to enterprises. It is an indispensable weapon in the key sprint stage of enterprise digital transformation


subject to the impact of the epidemic on the world, software has become the new lifeline of our daily life and connecting the global economy. However, traditional software development takes too long, and often cannot meet business needs and provide users with high-quality experience. Even before the outbreak of the epidemic, the number of personnel with professional software development capabilities could not meet the global demand for software. The global epidemic has made the software and business crisis worse. In the era of low code software development, mendix provides a powerful enterprise level visual development method through low code, so that ordinary and professional developers can improve the speed of cloud native applications on networks and mobile devices by more than 10 times through an intuitive graphical user interface and with the help of drag and drop components and model logic

about mendix

mendix, a Siemens business is a global leader in enterprise level low code, and is fundamentally reshaping the way digital enterprises build applications. Enterprises can expand their development capabilities and break the bottleneck of software development through mendix low code software rapid development platform. With the mendix development platform, enterprises can create intelligent applications with native experiences such as intelligence, initiative and human-computer interaction, modernize and upgrade core systems and realize large-scale application development to keep up with the speed of business growth. Mendix low code software rapid development platform can promote the close cooperation between business and it teams, greatly shorten the application development cycle, and help enterprises confidently move towards the digital future on the premise of maintaining the highest security, quality and governance standards. Mendix's go make it platform has been adopted by more than 4000 leading companies around the world

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