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Mengniu has introduced seven sig kangmeibao sterile liquid milk filling lines

Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd. has invested and introduced seven sig hundreds of waterproof enterprises for its new factory located in Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, which are eyeing the high-speed rail waterproof project kangmeibao high-speed bacteria free liquid milk filling line

Mengniu makes full use of the high flexibility of SIG kangmeibao filling technology and the high efficiency of the filling system to provide support for its realization of improving production capacity and efficiency, while constantly exploring and innovating enterprise development strategies

what is more worth looking forward to is that the innovative product concept has passed the research and development stage and will be launched soon. The new concept products packed in sig Kangmei cartons will undoubtedly further expand Mengniu's product range, especially in high-end products. As Mr. Bai Ying, general manager of Mengniu liquid milk business, said, "sig kangmeibao's filling system integrates various advantages of flexibility, advanced technology, high efficiency and innovative packaging solutions, making it an excellent partner and will help us achieve better business growth."

now, Mengniu's well-known "sour milk" flavor lactic acid drinks and pure milk series products are packed in 250ml cartons of Combibloc small

the project has been officially launched since the beginning of 2006, and it only took about eight months. By September, 2006, all seven filling lines had been put into operation. The space of the horizontal tensile testing machine per hour of each line was more than that of the vertical tensile testing machine, which could fill 12000 packages of sterile paper packaging products

all seven filling machines and corresponding downstream equipment provided by sig kangmeibao have completed all work from delivery, installation, system commissioning and commercial production

through the successful cooperation of Baoji project, Mengniu has decided to choose to form a partnership with sig kangmeibao again on the demonstration new factory project of its Hohhot headquarters. The new plant is planned to be located in Helinger Shengle economic Park, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. SIG kangmeibao will provide Mengniu with 12 high-speed sterile carton filling machines. (Miao Weimin)

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