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Mengniu's theme of green environmental protection leads the upsurge of dairy packaging recycling

both the sustainable development of society and the way of green life can't be separated from the theme of energy conservation and environmental protection. Similarly, on the basis of ensuring the quality of dairy products, Mengniu did not forget to carry out green to the end. The milk packaging used product packaging materials from sustainable development forest certification, which was highly affirmed and warmly pursued by consumers

in the green industrial chain built by Mengniu from milk source to table, the packaging recycling of the terminal is undoubtedly the closest and best interactive link with consumers. Mengniu introduced foreign advanced intelligent packaging recycling machines this year, put forward the concept of paid recycling for the first time in China's dairy industry, and launched paid packaging recycling operations in hypermarkets in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities across the country at the same time, causing a nationwide upsurge of attention

for the first time, we saw a packaging recycling machine that can recycle milk boxes and get tickets in supermarkets. It's really awesome, which is both eco-friendly and fun. Support! Said a Shenyang experience consumer. It is understood that consumers can randomly get different feedback, including event tickets or recycled vouchers, by investing in 5 Tetra Pak milk packages of any brand and type. This way of getting rewards makes consumers more willing to try it by themselves and enjoy the process of getting surprises from the mouth. Data show that Mengniu has completed a total of 600000 recycled packages

this year, Mengniu officially joined the international green team and became the first pair of emerging countries to sponsor the Earth Hour event hosted by WWF World Wide Fund for nature. The proportion of exports will also greatly increase, which is the only dairy enterprise in China. In addition, Mengniu milk has also continued to create and advocate a new low-carbon model through activities such as green cycling, green life for all, planting green love wishes, and so on

the person in charge of Mengniu said that it will continue to practice the green of enterprises. Further, Hitachi, Sony, Toshiba and other companies have invested a lot of money and manpower in the basic research, utilization and development of graphene to guide the green consumption of Chinese consumers and help green China achieve green Renaissance as soon as possible

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