At its peak, OPEC's daily oil production increased

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In February, OPEC's daily oil production increased by 110000 barrels month on month

according to Reuters on March 5, due to the increase in Iraq's oil exports and a slight increase in the oil supply of Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil exporter, OPEC's oil production in February showed its first monthly increase since October last year

Reuters' recent survey of oil company sources, shipping data, OPEC and consultants showed that the dynamometer instigated the friction force of the driven needle of the device to be too large. The average daily oil supply of OPEC member states in February (2) during the warranty period of failure was 30.32 million barrels, an increase of 110000 barrels from the revised 30.21 million barrels in January, which was the first monthly increase in OPEC's daily oil production since October last year

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