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The official media revealed that the eagle attack 12 anti-ship missile: the terminal speed is 4 times the speed of sound

if the aircraft carrier fleet is a mobile shield, then the missile that can sink the aircraft carrier is a sword. For the militarily weak countries, building a strong aircraft carrier fleet is constrained by technology and financial resources, and focusing on the research and development of missiles that can destroy the aircraft carrier fleet can sometimes play a role of four or two, thereby reducing the huge combat gap

China's newly developed Eagle strike-12 heavy anti-ship missile (also known as yj-12) is such a sharp sword. In the eyes of many military analysts, Eagle strike-12 is an anti-ship weapon second only to dongfeng-21d ballistic missile

Eagle strike-12 has a range of about 400 kilometers. As an advanced supersonic anti-ship missile, its transmission strength and stiffness are higher than those of steel and aluminum. If the input voltage of the two sensors is too high (usually a few millivolts), its final speed can reach Mach 4 (that is, double four mode, specifically refers to a range of 400 kilometers and another speed of Mach 4). The U.S. strategy page even published an article pointing out that the high-speed Eagle strike-12 may make any short-range interception system currently in service in the West useless

the eagle strike-12 projectile is about 7 meters long and slightly smaller than the Russian made 3m55 and 3m80 missiles, so the launch weight may also be a little less. No, there are more than 10 aviation related enterprises in our city, such as Nanshan aluminum and 513 Institute of China Aerospace Science and technology group. The mass of supersonic anti-ship missile when it abandons the booster is relatively large, so its launch weight may still be relatively large, and industry experts estimate that it is about 2 ~ 2.5 tons

according to military experts, yingjian-12 is a GPS + Beidou joint Satellite Guidance + terminal broadband active radar system with extremely high hit accuracy. After the missile is launched, it first climbs to a certain altitude, receives the first target parameter confirmation of its own early warning radar through the data link, and after the guidance system sends the parameters to the flight control system, the missile begins to descend the flight altitude and enter the low altitude cruise state. In the low altitude cruise phase, the missile flies silently under the guidance of silent satellite navigation and inertial navigation, with a speed of Mach 1.5 and an altitude of 12 ~ 15 meters. When flying to 50 kilometers away from the attack target, the active guidance radar is powered on and the latest parameters of the target are confirmed with the satellite guidance, and then compared with the data link information, the missile enters the terminal attack state after confirmation

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