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Heilongjiang's official customs declaration process is trustworthy, "full orange to surplus supply"

1 The choice of ports must be based on distance. The shorter the distance, the less the transportation cost will be. This is one of the priorities

2. If we don't consider the transportation cost, we need to consider the cost incurred in the process of customs clearance. The cost determines whether we choose or not

3. Classification: generally, it can be divided into two types: Wharf and port. What is the difference between these two types? That is, wharf: ships can be directly docked, while port refers to the port of land transportation, and ships cannot be docked. Where will the ship stop? That is the nearest port

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of docks and ports? That is, the operation time is different. The dock can only be operated after the ship stops and docks, while the port only needs to provide the declaration information to declare immediately. It doesn't need to wait for the ship to stop and dock, and it can declare customs, apply for inspection and pay taxes without shipping first. For some ordinary foods or simple products, it is recommended to choose Port declaration for customs declaration. It is also recommended for food that takes a long time to transport and takes one to two months to arrive at the port, because we can finish all the work during this period, and we can correct it in time even if there are errors, without additional dock charges, which are very frightening

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man cheng uses his team to integrate resources and create value for customers. Provide professional "international supply chain management outsourcing" services for enterprises, and are determined to build a number of leading professional teams. It has built a global integrated supply chain service platform with logistics, business flow, such as capital flow and information flow as the carrier, and supply chain services, global procurement centers and product integrated supply chain services as the core, with service networks all over major cities in China

at present, man Cheng is not only an important part of the industry, but also the core partner of the enterprise; Go forward side by side with the enterprise and win the future

customs declaration Shanghai Mancheng Zhiying customs declaration company focuses on the transportation, agency, customs declaration, distribution and other services of import and export goods. It is a customs declaration company that has truly achieved the one-stop service of agency

Professional red wine import agent, free of Customs deposit, advance customs clearance form, time efficiency is quite fast, and the service is relatively good

-- imported through the bonded area, there is no need to pay a high deposit for goods

-- pre issuance of customs clearance form: save commodity inspection time, improve the responsiveness of end customers, and seize the market at the first time

-- avoid stacking cabinets at ports or docks: goods are warehoused and commodity inspection is carried out. There is no need to expose beloved products to the sun, which will affect the quality of wine, and the possible high storage fees and container rental fees will be avoided

-- having an independent liquor license: it can eliminate your worries about business flow

-- perfect one-stop service for red wine: one-stop solution for customs, warehousing, business and taxation

Heilongjiang's official customs declaration process. In terms of further improving the informatization level of ports, the General Administration of customs, together with relevant microcomputer controlled cement pressure testing machines, has the following functional characteristics: the Department continues to deepen the construction of "single window" of international trade. By the end of the year, the application rate of major businesses will reach 100%. The transportation and port administration departments have accelerated the paperless process of port operations

in terms of further reducing port charges, relevant departments will guide and urge major international liner shipping companies and international freight forwarders to implement the fee reduction measures. Before September 30, carry out special supervision on import and export charges

Hu Wei introduced that optimizing the port business environment plays an obvious role in supporting and promoting the development of foreign trade. According to the business environment report released by the world bank last year, China's cross-border trade score increased from 69.91 to 82.59, jumping 32 places, becoming the economy with the most obvious improvement in the business environment. In the first may of this year, Tianjin, Hainan, Shandong and other local ports' overall import and export volume growth took the lead in the country. Among them, the import volume of Tianjin water transport port increased by 46.5% year-on-year. Tianjin has taken a series of measures such as declaration in advance and direct delivery at the ship's side, which has greatly improved the business environment at the port

the above are the ten measures to improve the level of customs clearance facilitation. If you want to know more, please pay attention to my commander

customs declaration Shanghai machinery import customs declaration, Shanghai machinery import customs clearance, second machinery import agent

do you want to import machinery? First of all, what kind of enterprise are you and how to handle the import? If you are a foreign-funded enterprise, you can handle a tax-free form for tax-free import. Different mechanical and electrical equipment need different certificates. First of all, you have to find out the commodity code of the equipment you need to import. By comparing the commodity code with the customs supervision conditions, you can know what certificate you need to handle to declare for import. If it is a general trade import, you can only import it with taxes, Imported equipment is much more troublesome than imported materials. The inspection and customs declaration also needs to provide the product name, purpose, brand, model, place of origin, year, quality, manufacturer, unit price, quantity, instructions, etc.

Heilongjiang official customs declaration process. Mancheng's strategic focus is to build a trade bridge between Chinese enterprises and the world and assist Chinese enterprises in import and export trade. Adhering to the purpose of "assistance, service and consultation", Shanghai Mancheng is committed to the foreign trade cause of importers and exporters, actively helping importers and exporters solve customs clearance and logistics problems in import and export trade, and promoting the stable and sustainable development of import and export trade of Chinese enterprises. We are willing to join hands with importers and exporters, share weal and woe, strive to create a good foreign trade environment, jointly create a road of development, and usher in a more brilliant tomorrow

the main customs declaration work of our Shanghai customs declaration company:

1. Review the cargo information provided by customers

2. Classify commodities and check whether about 45% of them need to rely on import licenses, approvals or commodity inspection and customs clearance forms

3. Confirm the information of declaration elements of goods declaration

4. Prepare import and export and customs declaration documents

5. Record documents in the customs system, send data, deliver documents on site, pay taxes, and release

6. Subsequent document management

go far and forge ahead. Mancheng Zhiying supply chain management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming a strategic partner for win-win, symbiosis and common progress with you, and is more determined to become an influential enterprise in business services. We will leap forward with you and achieve common success! Mancheng Zhiying supply, supply chain management, engaged in the import and export business of goods such as goods and technology, wholesale non physical means: prepackaged food (including cooked food, stewed flavor, frozen storage), daily necessities, clothing, shoes and hats, textile raw materials (except cotton), knitwear and textiles, leather products, cosmetics, handicrafts, feed, chemical products and raw materials (except dangerous chemicals, monitored and controlled chemicals, fireworks and firecrackers, civil explosives) Sales, business consultation, industrial investment, marketing planning, design and production of various advertisements, exhibition and display services, flowers and plants, property management, hardware and electrical equipment, mechanical equipment, electronic products, communication equipment (except satellite television broadcasting ground receiving facilities), instrumentation and auto parts, class I medical devices, rubber and plastic products, wires and cables, glass products, building materials, steel, stone materials, alcohol, Domestic road freight forwarding services. [items subject to approval according to law can only be carried out after being approved by relevant departments]

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