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The marine engineering equipment industry will usher in the "golden period" of global development

marine engineering equipment is the premise and foundation of marine economic development and is at the core of the marine industry value chain

in recent years, the construction capacity and market share of Chinese enterprises in the field of offshore equipment manufacturing have been continuously improved. The industry predicts that the next five years will be the golden period for the development of global offshore equipment, and these five years will also be a critical period for the development of China's offshore equipment

seize the market and take advantage of it

China's marine engineering equipment not only continues to increase in the total amount of orders received in the international market, but also ushers in huge development opportunities for the domestic industry

since the new century, China's marine engineering equipment manufacturing industry has made great progress, especially the marine oil and gas development equipment has a good development foundation, with an annual sales revenue of more than 30billion yuan, accounting for nearly 7% of the world market share. In the Bohai Rim region The Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta have initially formed an industrial zone with a certain degree of agglomeration of new products, materials and functions announced by 3D systems company (nyse:ddd) on rapid + TCT 2017, and a number of competitive enterprises have emerged. Marine equipment manufacturing enterprises are mainly composed of shipbuilding enterprises and petroleum equipment enterprises. Some heavy industry and machinery manufacturing enterprises have also expanded their business to the field of offshore engineering

the total number of orders received by China's marine engineering equipment continued to rise. In 2012, a total of 30 orders were received except for marine auxiliary ships, including 9 jack up drilling platforms, 1 semi submersible drilling platform, 3 drilling ships, 3 FPSOs, 4 semi submersible living platforms, 6 drilling support platforms, 2 offshore wind power platforms, and 2 other platforms. The data shows that at present, Chinese shipbuilding enterprises have won a 10% share in the international marine engineering equipment market, and with the continuous development of global marine resources and the continuous growth of the demand for marine engineering equipment, the market share of Chinese marine engineering equipment manufacturing will also expand upward

from the domestic market, the development of offshore engineering equipment industry has risen to a national strategy, and various policies have been issued one after another. The medium and long term development plan for offshore engineering equipment manufacturing industry (2011, 2020) puts forward that by 2015, the annual sales revenue of China's offshore engineering equipment manufacturing industry will reach more than 200billion yuan, of which the international market share of offshore oil and gas development equipment will reach 20%. It can be predicted that China will also vigorously develop and invest in the marine equipment industry for a long time in the future

China's marine equipment manufacturing industry is in the ascendant, but compared with the manufacturing power, the gap is still obvious, mainly reflected in the high proportion of medium and low-end products and insufficient competitiveness. Chinese enterprises are mainly engaged in the processing and construction of steel structural components in the field of marine engineering, while the manufacturing of supporting equipment and underwater equipment with the highest profit is basically monopolized by foreign suppliers. At the same time, the engineering design, manufacturing process, project management, key equipment supporting, enterprise management, talent reserve and internationalization level of Chinese enterprises are still relatively weak, and the production cost is also high

a variety of financing supporting industries

although offshore construction has considerable profits, it has high technology content and high investment risk. Solving the financing problem is the prerequisite for successfully entering the offshore engineering market.

in the face of the booming development momentum of China's offshore equipment manufacturing industry, it is difficult to believe that five years ago, the orders of Chinese enterprises in the international offshore equipment market were almost zero

since the outbreak of the international financial crisis in 2008, the international economy and trade have been seriously affected, the shipping market has fallen into a downturn, and China's shipbuilding enterprises have generally fallen into the dilemma of receiving and delivering ships. Due to the strong trend of world crude oil, the increasingly heated offshore engineering market has become a new hot spot in the competition of international shipbuilding enterprises, and many Chinese shipbuilding enterprises have also begun to transform to the construction of offshore engineering equipment

although offshore construction has considerable profits, it has high technology content and high investment risks. Taking a 3000 meter deep-water semi submersible drilling platform as an example, the average price is about 500 million to 600 million US dollars, equivalent to the cost of 20 conventional ships. According to the general rules of marine engineering market transactions, the ship owner only pays a deposit of 10% to 20% when ordering the ship, and then pays the whole amount in installments according to different periods of construction. It takes one to three years to build a marine engineering equipment ship. To successfully enter the marine engineering market, Chinese enterprises must first solve the financing problem

as a state-owned policy financial institution, China SINOSURE undertakes the policy mission of supporting the export of Chinese made marine engineering equipment and seizing the international market. By providing enterprises with a variety of digital displays under credit insurance policies (LCD shows the way of financing, helping enterprises quickly enter the international offshore equipment market.

China SINOSURE has provided great support for COSCO Shipping offshore engineering business and the development of China's offshore industry. Wang Yuhang, general manager of COSCO Shipping Engineering Group Co., Ltd., was very impressed. In 2009, COSCO Shipping received the shell subcontract of Sevan 1 semi submersible drilling platform from Norwegian Sevan company. Facing the harsh payment terms put forward by the owner, COSCO Shipping received insurance support of US $80million deferred payment from China SINOSURE in time, and obtained US $70million financing from the bank. This insurance contract saved COSCO's valuable first marine order. Sevan company also revitalized its funds due to the support of credit insurance. Since then, it has successively placed three orders for sevan2, 3 and 4 semi submersible drilling platforms with COSCO Shipping

since then, COSCO Shipping has gradually gained a foothold in the international marine engineering equipment market. Today, marine engineering equipment has become the real main business of COSCO Shipping. In 2012, marine engineering revenue exceeded 50% of the overall revenue, and products have also achieved a comprehensive coverage from shallow water to deep sea, from oil extraction to engineering support

control risks and improve strength

from the early contract negotiation to the order implementation and construction, the intervention of insurance companies helps manufacturing enterprises minimize the risks in the international market

with convenient financing channels, the next thing to be solved is how to minimize the risks in the international market

the production cost of offshore engineering equipment is much higher than that of traditional ships, and the risk is naturally greater. Tao Yi, assistant general manager of China SINOSURE Liaoning Branch, said that after the outbreak of the international financial crisis, the speculative nature of ship owners increased significantly, the risk of abandonment entering the door was low, the risk was rising, and the payment terms were harsh. Domestic shipyards faced many risks, such as the cost could not be recovered during the construction period, the shipbuilding funds could not be settled on schedule, and the final ship owners were unable to pay for abandonment. In this regard, we have formulated an active underwriting policy specifically for the marine equipment industry, which provides a more comprehensive risk guarantee for the cost investment of the shipyard during the construction period

risk control and risk guarantee need to start from the first link of receiving orders from offshore enterprises. In the early business contract negotiation, China SINOSURE and the enterprise analyzed many risk indicators such as the payment ability of the ship owner and the strength of the enterprise, and locked the risks in the early stage. During the implementation and construction of the order, China SINOSURE will closely track the changes in the economic and political situation of the country where the ship owner is located throughout the process, and conduct a more in-depth risk trend analysis to help enterprises obtain the credit changes of the ship owner in advance, and send an early warning to the shipping enterprises at the first time of the risk signal, so as to ensure the safety of foreign exchange collection of China's offshore enterprises. If there is an accident, China SINOSURE will also bear the claim recovery

It is very convenient to carry out the research work with load as the variable

at present, COSCO Shipping, large marine engineering and other major shipbuilding enterprises have signed the comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with China Export Credit Insurance Corporation, realizing the comprehensive unified protection of shipbuilding business. Tao Yi said

in the first half of this year, among the 24 new orders of jack up drilling equipment in the world, China's marine engineering enterprises won 14 orders, including 8 large ships and 10 Singapore. This is the first time that China's marine engineering equipment industry has surpassed Singapore, which previously held a monopoly position. According to the data, in 2012, the underwriting amount of China SINOSURE for the national offshore engineering equipment industry exceeded US $3.6 billion, an increase of nearly 170% year-on-year

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