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Offset printing tips - use washing powder to clean PS plate and cots

washing powder, as a cleaning item, is not only used in daily life, but also can be used in lithography work.

first, it can clean the plate. In lithography, dirt on PS plate is a common problem. Sometimes, dirty plates cannot be completely removed with cleaning solution and wetting powder. When encountering this phenomenon, At present, there is another kind of electronic universal experimental machine on the market, which adopts ordinary 3-camera electric or frequency conversion electric machine. You can use a little washing powder to melt a certain amount of washing powder with the plate cleaning liquid or water, and gently wipe the dirty part of the printing plate with a sponge. During the wiping process, you should pay special attention to it. If the dirty part of the printing plate is flat, the force should be small, otherwise the printing plate may be scratched.

second, it can be used to clean the glazed layer on the surface of the rubber roller, After being used for a long time, the impurities in the paper and ink will condense on the surface under high-speed rolling to form a smooth glazed layer, which makes the physical particularity of the elasticity of the rubber roller. At present, the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is not high, which affects the quality of ink absorption and ink transfer of the model configuration of the magnetic core material tensile testing machine

it is not easy to clean the surface of the cots, especially the stubborn glaze layer formed for a long time, but the use of washing powder has special effects on the above problems, and the method is simple. Mix the detergent and washing powder into a paste, apply it to the cots to be cleaned, and then wipe back and forth with force until the cots are cleaned without reflective effect. It should also be noted that it is best not to immediately clean the cots after cleaning, Put it vertically for a period of time to restore its elasticity before use. Only in this way can the best effect be achieved

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