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Officials said that the national question bank has been approved and is studying to strengthen the examination legislation

"China's national question bank has been approved. The Ministry of Finance and the examination center of the Ministry of education will jointly invest 100 million to promote examination safety", Dai Jiagan, director of the examination center of the Ministry of education, revealed at the National Examination Office Directors' working meeting held today

examination safety includes two aspects: one is the safety of the examination questions themselves, and the other is social stability

the seriousness and safety of the national unified examination are the most concerned issues of the people and the bottom line of social equity

the host of universal experimental machine adopts imported servo electromechanical and servo speed regulation system, ball screw

at present, the cheating means of various examinations tend to be organized and high-tech. According to reports, in the postgraduate entrance examination room of a university in a province last year, eleven or two wireless launch vehicles "fully armed with nuts fixed at the entry port of the nose" were caught. "The technical facilities are very advanced, and some are even higher than the equipment level of the public security department." there are many gunmen in the car busy answering questions and launching answers to the examination room

but so far, the laws and regulations on Educational Examinations in China are not perfect, and the means of dealing with cheaters is still lack of legal basis. According to the confidentiality law, the unified examination paper is a top secret document, which is opened to avoid major accidents and becomes a secret document without explaining when to decrypt it. "However, some people entered the examination room not for the examination, but to steal the examination questions and make huge profits. However, after catching these people in some places, we can't bring them to justice.". He said. According to director Dai, the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council is studying strengthening examination legislation

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