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Publicity of the results of transformer maintenance and safety test items in the region

the types of environmental factors There are strict regulations on the quantity value and tolerance. Project result publicity

project name: transformer maintenance and safety testing project in the region. Purchase number: ymcg approval number: purchase method: competitive negotiation duration: 6 months. Purchase control price: 164666.94 yuan. Deposit: in words: two thousand yuan. In figures: 2000 yuan. Contact person of Qibin District Municipal Administration Office of Hebi City (contact): Ms. Li: contact person of Yongming Project Management Co., Ltd. (contact) : Mr. Zhang's supervision organization: contact person of the supervision department (contact): Mr. Gao's procurement content and situation:

this bidding is divided into two kinds of packages: lever 4-ball experimental machine and hydraulic type:

in order to ensure the safe operation of transformers in the whole region, the maintenance and safety testing of transformers in the whole region are implemented. List of recommended suppliers and reasons for recommendation:

list of recommended suppliers:

Henan Fuxing Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Henan Shengkai Power Engineering Co., Ltd., Henan Guomao Construction Development Co., Ltd., Henan Ziyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd

reason for recommendation: the above companies meet the requirements of the negotiation documents. Evaluation results:

transaction supplier: Henan Ziyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

transaction amount: 158500.62

transaction company address: No. 171, Qibin Avenue, Qibin District, Hebi City. Evaluation time: 09:30 on February 27, 2019 (Beijing time). Evaluation place: members of the negotiation team of the third bid evaluation room on the third floor of Hebi public resources trading center. 4 Jg/158 (2) 004 rubber powder polystyrene particle external wall external insulation system: Ge Junhua, Li SongGe, Guo Shuli publicity media: Henan Province“">, national public resources trading platform (Hebi City, Henan Province).

publicity date: 20" street shoes "February 28, 19

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