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Light industry manufacturing industry: pulp futures continued to rise. Many household paper enterprises issued price increase letters to maintain the industry rating of "stronger than the market"

release date: Source: gelonghui

core view of the industry:

1) papermaking: pulp futures closed at 5563.49/ton in the previous period, continuing to rise. The prices of white cardboard and waste paper continued to rebound. It is suggested to pay attention to the leading enterprises of white card paper with cost advantage and price increase right, which are replaced by white card under the "plastic limit order" and the recovery of downstream demand

2) home furnishing: Recently, the accumulated new construction area, completed area and sales area of houses have been improved year on year, "he added. Benefiting from the trend of consumption upgrading and the simplicity of hardbound houses compared with Brinell method, the demand for customized home furnishings is expected to be further released. It is suggested to pay attention to the leading companies of customized home furnishings

3) gold jewelry: according to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the gold and silver jewelry society recovered from zero in February from -41.1% year-on-year to +24.80% in November. With the release of the demand for short-term delayed sexual marriage and the liquidation of the industry caused by the epidemic in the first half of the year, we continue to be optimistic about the leading enterprises of gold and jewelry

4) cultural and recreational supplies: the retail sales of cultural and office supplies above the quota in November was +11.2% year-on-year, basically unchanged from October. With the further control of the epidemic, the opening of the next semester is currently proceeding smoothly; In the second half of the year, office stationery is expected to maintain a good growth trend, and the superimposed offline sales channels are gradually restored. We are optimistic about relevant high-quality stationery targets

key points of investment:

Market Review: last week (December 21 - December 25), Shenwan light industry manufacturing index fell 2.88%, underperforming the Shanghai Composite Index by 2.93 percentage points, ranking 22nd in the rise and fall of Shenwan 28 primary industry indexes. Since the beginning of the year, the Shenwan light industry manufacturing index has increased by 14.16%, outperforming the Shanghai Composite Index by 2.80 percentage points, ranking 14th among the 28 Tier-1 sub industries of Shenwan. In terms of secondary sub sectors: last week, papermaking -2.46%, packaging and printing -4.34%, household light industry -2.31%, and other light industry manufacturing -4.87%. In terms of three sub sectors: last week, papermaking III -2.46%, packaging and printing III -4.34%, furniture -2.84%, entertainment supplies -0.71%, jewelry -6.33%, other household light industry -0.02%, other light industry manufacturing III -4.87%

important announcements of listed companies: europay home issued an announcement not to redeem convertible bonds in advance; Dream Lily issued an announcement on the implementation of early return of raised funds and redemption; Mona Lisa issued a capital increase and release of the guarantee. The above is the announcement of the small knowledge of the electronic universal experimental machine on the tearing experiment of samples of various shapes shared with you; Jinjia shares, Laofengxiang and bull group issued personnel change announcements; Jinjia shares issued two repurchase announcements; Qixin group issued a pledge release announcement; Shangpin home distribution issued an announcement on the progress of reduction; Gujia household announced that the chairman received the investigation announcement

important events in the industry take the acceptance of the request inspection of Northwest plastic woven bag factory by Rand MEC laboratory as an example: 1) tons of paper are generally rising, and the second wave of price rise of household paper in the month is coming; 2) Pulp futures rose by more than 2%, a new high since its listing; 3) Paper prices continued to rise, and more bases in Jiulong Rose/ton; 4) The rising tide of household paper prices spread, and Guangxi enterprises raised prices across the board; 5) Cardboard factories in many places have raised prices by 3%-5%, and a tide of rising cardboard prices is forming

risk factors: repeated epidemics, sharp fluctuations in raw material prices, and increased industrial competition

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