Pulp and paper prices are expected to rise in 2012

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Pulp and paper prices are expected to rise in 2012

the paper industry is a cyclical midstream industry introduced by the relevant person in charge of Zhongwang, China. Its profitability is determined by two factors: the economic cycle causes changes in pulp and paper prices, resulting in cyclical fluctuations in profits; The change of competition pattern leads to the change of bargaining power, thus changing the profit development in the industrial chain. A batch of specialization with prominent main businesses, strong competitiveness, good growth and focus on market segments ldquo; Little great man rdquo; Enterprise profit distribution share

the price of pulp and paper is expected to rise in 2012

the fluctuation of pulp price is determined by the global economic cycle after the deceleration of the deceleration system. This year, the price of pulp may repeat the history that deviated from the macroeconomic trend in 2009. The CME wood futures price and the micro evidence of the international pulp industry also support the three basic configurations of our intelligence: mainframe, microcomputer, and printers' judgment on the year-on-year rise of pulp price. According to our calculation of domestic supply and demand, the oversupply situation of the industry will be improved in 2012, and the paper price is expected to rise year-on-year in the second half of the year

industry profits will also improve slightly in 2012

industry costs and prices are subject to global and Chinese economic cycles respectively. The amplitude difference between domestic and foreign economic cycles determines the trend of industry profits. It is expected that the gross profit margin of the industry will rise slightly in 2012. Benefiting from the anti cyclical nature of downstream industries, packaging paper is expected to become the most prosperous paper this year

changes in the industrial profit pattern contain investment opportunities

industry concentration and forest paper integration are in the ascendant, and papermaking gradually occupies an increasing share in the profit distribution pattern of the industrial chain, but the profit situation of the industry in 2012 cannot be fundamentally improved. Growth and integration are the two main lines of industry development in the next decade. Domestic leading enterprises will achieve rapid performance growth under the interweaving influence of the two main lines. In the future, the spatial distribution of the industry will form a pattern of three parts of the world. Enterprises located in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, northeast and southeast regions occupy the resource advantage to support long-term development

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